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LuLu’s New Food Processing and Export Hub Opened in Italy

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In a strategic manoeuvre aimed at fortifying its sourcing operations and ensuring the delivery of premium products to its expansive network of hypermarkets, Abu Dhabi’s retail giant, the LuLu Group, officially unveiled its cutting-edge sourcing, food processing, and export hub in Italy.

Details On The Store 

The opening of Y International Italia (the sourcing arm of LuLu Group) was attended by prominent dignitaries, including the Italian Minister of Economic Development, the Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group. Also in attendance were distinguished officials such as the Head of the FDI Department of Invitalia, Director of the Italian Trade Agency, Charge d’Affaires at the UAE Embassy in Italy, Bahrain Ambassador to Italy, Chairman of the Arab Chamber of Commerce of Italy, Director of LuLu Group, and the Country Head of LuLu Group in Italy, Allessandro Simone. This strategic initiative by LuLu Group is set to bolster not only its sourcing activities from Italy but also from neighbouring European nations, ensuring a steady supply and price stability of food products.

What Does It Include?

This cutting-edge facility will be situated at the World Trade Center Malpensa Airport in Milan. It will work on multiple fronts like sourcing, storing, processing, packaging, and exporting food products from Italy to over 255 LuLu Hypermarkets spanning GCC countries, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The centre’s product focus encompasses an array of Italian delicacies, including chocolates, cheeses, sweet and puff pastries, fruit jams, organic pasta, premium sea salt, and extra-virgin olive oil from renowned Italian brands. Beyond packaged food products, the facility will also be responsible for sourcing and exporting an extensive variety of vegetables and fruits, such as grapes, kiwis, apples, and olives.

Minister Guidesi expressed his enthusiasm for LuLu Group’s new venture in Italy and pledged unwavering support and cooperation, emphasising the potential for strengthened trade ties between Italy and the Arab world.

Speaking at the inauguration, Yusuffali underscored the group’s commitment to bolstering its presence in the food security sector by establishing its own sourcing and food processing units worldwide. This approach eliminates intermediaries, ensuring uninterrupted supply chains and competitive pricing.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, LuLu Group boasts an annual turnover of $8 billion and employs a diverse workforce of over 65,000 individuals from 43 different countries. It holds the distinction of being ranked as the No.1 retailer in the Middle East and North Africa region, and it has secured a place among the Top 50 fastest-growing retailers globally according to Deloitte.

LuLu Group’s latest venture in Italy adds to its network of food processing centres across the globe, including the US, UK, Spain, Turkey, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Africa, signalling its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in sourcing and food processing operations worldwide.

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