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Entrepreneur Shereen Mitwalli Talks About Her Travelling Expertise 

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Self-made Egyptian-Australian entrepreneur Shereen Mitwalli plans to launch Naqqe, an online platform matching therapist with people seeking help. 

This idea was born from the conversation Mitwalli had on a phone call with her CEO friend who was seeking advice on how to find a therapist. Mitwalli researched and found that one has to wait for 21 days for mental health counselling and it is hard to find. 

“Everything I have built has come out of being inspired by somebody I have met or interviewed,” she said. “They’ve inspired me to take risks.”

Reports by Forbes and Courtyard by Marriott who asked Mitwalli to join their panel discussion found that travelling fuels her passion and opens up new opportunities. 

In the interview, Mitwalli discussed balancing work and pleasure while traveling. She stated that she loves to immerse herself in foreign cultures and uses generative AI to plan all her trips.

Traveling has given Mitwalli a different perspective of life, her entrepreneurial journey has been inspired by people she has met around the world.  

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