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Scrumptious Winners of the 2024 Pink Lady Food Photography Awards

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The winners of this year’s Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year have been announced. Now in its 13th year, the competition saw thousands of submissions from over 65 countries.

The grand prize went to Chinese photographer Zhonghua Yang. The winning photo, “Red Bean Paste Balls,” captures a woman making New Year dim sum. This delightful shot shows a woman holding a tray of steaming red bean paste balls. It highlights the festive spirit in Xiangshan, Zhejiang, where traditional dishes like dumplings and glutinous rice are also enjoyed.

Caroline Kenyon, founder of the competition, praised the winning image. She described it as “full of light, shadow, mystery, and poignancy.” Yang’s photo stood out among a plethora of stunning entries.

Other notable winners include:

Max Jowitt’s “Would You Like Mustard with That” claimed first place in Production Paradise Previously Published. His photo features a well-presented mustard dish.

Lynne Kennedy’s “Let Them Eat Cake!” took the top spot in the Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer category. Her photo captures a beautiful wedding cake moment.

Barbora Baretic won the Food Stylist Award with “Rhubarb Puzzle Love.” This image shows a creatively styled rhubarb dish.

Delaney McQuown’s “BLT Contemplation” won the Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers. Her photo offers a contemplative take on a BLT sandwich.

Virginia Moran’s “Pork, Laughter and Red Wine” won in the Food at the Table category. This image captures a lively dining scene in Spain.

Ren Xiuting’s “New Year in Old Cave Dwelling” won the Food for the Family category. The photo depicts a family celebrating in an old cave dwelling.

Teo Chin Leong’s “Mangrove Fisherman” won the Food in the Field category. This image shows a fisherman at work in Japan’s mangroves.

Tailai OBrien’s “Chestnut Season” took first place in the Hotel Art Group Cream of the Crop category. It captures the essence of chestnut season in Australia.

Paul Dodd’s “Every Cocktail on the Menu” won the Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture category. His photo features a stunning array of cocktails.

Viktoriia Kondysenko’s “Autumn Cocktail” won the MPB Award for Innovation. This image showcases an innovative autumn cocktail.

Ming Tang-Evans’ “Celebrate with Cake” won the Tiptree Cake Award. The photo captures the joy of cake celebration.

Azim Khan Ronnie’s “Tribal Farmers Sell Their Fruits Every Early Morning at a Wholesale Price” won the unearthed® Food For Sale category. This image highlights tribal farmers’ efforts to sell their fruits.

Samson Eichenholz’s “Banana Haul” won in the Young – 13 – 17 category. His photo depicts a vibrant banana haul.

Mohammad Reaz Uddin’s “Fighting to Save Life” won the Street Food category. It shows the struggle and determination of street food vendors.

Matteo Alberti’s “Buri (Yellowtail) Hanging” won the Food Influencer category. The photo features hanging yellowtail fish in a visually striking manner.

Carla Sutera Sardo’s “The Girl with the Oranges” took second place in the MPB Award for Innovation. The photo beautifully depicts a girl with oranges.

The Mall Galleries in London will host the finalists’ works until June 9. Don’t miss this visual feast celebrating food photography excellence!

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