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Upshop and Invafresh Merge to Revolutionise Food Retail Industry

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In a significant development for the food retail industry, Upshop and Invafresh have announced their merger, creating a powerful entity aimed at addressing major sector challenges such as availability, affordability, and waste. The newly formed Upshop organisation is set to empower communities globally by providing better access to fresh, safe, and affordable food, encompassing prepared, perishable, and shelf-stable items.

This merger brings together the strengths of both companies to form the first global retail enterprise operating platform designed specifically for the complexities of the food industry. The combined platform will serve over 400 retailers across 35 countries, impacting more than 50,000 stores and millions of associates and shoppers daily. 

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

Retailers today face increasing pressures to meet high operational and service expectations from suppliers, associates, and customers. Introducing more affordable and healthy options in stores is complicated by technological issues that associates often struggle to adopt. The unified Upshop platform addresses these challenges with a single app, empowering associates to efficiently manage their tasks and enhance the shopping experience.

Shamus Hines, CEO of Upshop, expressed his vision: “We do not settle for better; we strive for the best from our platform, our people, and our partnerships with food retailers. Our technology’s impact on supply chains means millions of families will have access to the freshest and healthiest food every day.”

Future Innovations and Industry Impact

The merger comes at a pivotal moment for the food retail industry, with the FDA’s FSMA204 compliance requirements pushing for enhanced data traceability. Upshop plans to launch its comprehensive solution at the end of July, integrating the best features of both companies’ food safety product suites.

Addressing global food waste is another critical focus. Upshop’s upcoming Food Waste Initiative aims to provide comprehensive solutions for prevention, rescue, and reporting, powered by advanced analytics and strong industry partnerships.

Sarah Sommer, Co-Founder and Partner at Level Equity, highlighted the merger’s potential: “By uniting the unparalleled innovation of two industry leaders, we’re poised to redefine what’s possible for the global community—retailers, associates, and shoppers alike. This merger is a significant step in Upshop’s mission to elevate the future of food retail on a global scale.”

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