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UN Reports The Sad Reality: 783 Million People Face Chronic Hunger Still The World Wastes 19% Of Its Food

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It has been reported that the world wastes aroug 19% of the food which is produced globally in the year 2022 or we can say it is about 1.05 billion metric tons. 

The study was initiated by the UN Environment Programme’s Food Waste Index report which was published on Wednesday and has tracked the record of countries to halve and reduce the waste by the year 2030.

The UN has also claimed that the number of countries reporting for the index has nearly doubled from the former report, which was in 2021. This report has also estimated that 17 percent of the food which is produced worldwide in 2019 (which is also 931 million metric tons) was wasted, but the experts have warned that these direct comparisons are not reliable due to the insufficient data which has been generated from many countries.

This report has been co-authored by UNEP and Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which is an international charity.

Researchers have analysed country data on households, which includes food service and retailers. They found that each person wastes about 79 kilograms (about 174 pounds) of food every year, which is equal to at least 1 billion meals wasted worldwide every single day.

Most of the waste, around 60 per cent came in households. About 28 per cent came from food service, or restaurants, with about 12 per cent from retailers.

Food wastage is a bigger issue which we are looking at as it also takes an environmental toll of production which includes the land and water that is used in order to grow crops and animals and the greenhouse gas emissions it produces which includes methane, a powerful gas that is responsible for about 30 percent of global warming since the pre-industrial period. 

Food loss and waste generates around 8 to 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

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