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Iris Apfel, The Centenarian Style Icon Leaves Us All At The Age 102

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We were hit by extremely unfortunate news recently that Iris Apfel, who was a well known designer under six different US presidents, died at the age of 102.

Bearing the loss of the most original and iconic figures, Iris Apfel, who was known for her eclectic and flamboyant style has left us on Friday which was revealed by her agent Lori who did not mention the cause of her death. This incident took place right after celebrating her 102, 5th birthday on Leap Day.

Born on August 29th, 1921, Irish was always a lover of fabrics and textiles. She, along with her husband Cal, had started Old World Weavers that restored fabrics for the White House for six US presidents.

Iris was an icon, she made the centenarian style a statement with unique outfits by fusing high fashion and large costume jewelry. She usually wore a feather boa, with chunky beads, bangles and a jacket with Native American beadwork. She also accessorised her outfits with her unique and signature big, round, black rimmed glasses with bright red lipstick and short white hair. 

She was honoured as the subject of museum exhibits and a documentary film, “Iris” which was dedicated to her journey was directed by Albert Maysles.

Apfel once said, “I have something much better. I have style.” Where she also stated the difference between being stylish and being fashionable. 

“You can easily buy your way into being fashionable. Style, I think, is in your DNA. It implies originality and courage.” She stated in a TikTok video.

Despite her old age, she never took a halt in working and creating and commented on it by saying, “I think retiring at any age is a fate worse than death. Just because a number comes up doesn’t mean you have to stop.”

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