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AMINA JOHAN Declares Partnership with Wolf & Badger

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A Los Angeles based Jewellery design label, AMINA JOHAN is proud to announce their partnership with global fashion retailer, Wolf & Badger, effective July 25, 2023. AMINA JOHAN is famously known for their artistic take on natural geode jewellery, and they are very excited to showcase their line with a retailer that highlights independent designers along with sustainable and ethically produced products.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Wolf & Badger, whose dedication to promoting independent designers aligns perfectly with our ethos at AMINA JOHAN,” said Amina Johan, Founder and Creative Director. ” This partnership represents a significant milestone for our brand, and we are excited to introduce our jewelry line to a wider audience of fashion clientele around the world.”

With this partnership, AMINA JOHAN and Wolf & Badger aim to redefine the jewelry retail landscape by showcasing a collection that tells a story of passion, artistry, and sophistication in each piece. With such impactful designs, consumers will be excited to see a brand that embraces slow fashion, is handmade in small batches, and highlights sustainable luxury and reusable packaging.

“Sustainable luxury is the future,” said Amina Johan, Founder and Creative Director. “At AMINA JOHAN, we are excited to explore new ways to enhance customer experience, while reducing our waste and being environmentally responsible. We opt for recyclable materials and reusable packaging whenever possible.”

This collaboration marks an exciting new chapter for AMINA JOHAN, as the brand continues to expand and captivate jewellery enthusiasts around the world.

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