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Exquisite Men’s Jewellery Collection by Bangladeshi Designer Amazed Africa

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Dubai- Based Bangladeshi, Niharika Momtaz, participated in the men’s fashion week, exquisite men’s jewellery collection named “Love & Promise”. 

The Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria took place in Abuja on August 6th, spotlighting diversity within the African fashion realm. This event served as a vibrant platform for fashion and design experts to embrace mainstream clothing and jewellery trends in Africa.

This captivating collection by Niharika Momtaz, beautifully blends contemporary elegance with a touch of whimsical nostalgia, skilfully intertwining art, culture, and history.

The event welcomed distinguished guests, including His Excellency Masudur Rahman, Bangladesh High Commissioner to Nigeria, along with his family, as well as dignitaries, celebrities, established designers, and fashion enthusiasts.

Niharika emphasised, “Many of my collections are designed to be unisex. It’s time to challenge stereotypes and break free from labels tied to gender norms, enabling men to confidently wear and adorn any jewellery they desire.”

Niharika’s collections have reached Tiffany’s Red-Carpet Week during the 71st and 72md Cannes Film Festivals. Her creativity has reached the Global stage, making Bangladesh a proud nation. 

She also served as a jury member and official fashion consultant for “Miss Universal 2018” in Turkey. Her presence has been felt in various other prestigious fashion weeks, including those in London, Dubai, and Sri Lanka.

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