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Qatar’s Culinary Extravaganza Set to be Unveiled at Expo 2024

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In a vibrant fusion of flavours and culture, Qatar is set to host the Qatar International Food Festival from February 7-17, 2024. Positioned in the family zone of al Bidda Park and integrated into Expo 2024, this culinary spectacle promises an immersive experience, particularly celebrating the Moroccan Year of Culture 2024.

A Gastronomic Celebration at Qatar International Food Festival

Presented by Qatar Tourism, this festival underscores the nation’s dedication to fostering global cultural exchange. With a focus on the Qatar-Moroccan relationship, the event will feature a lineup of esteemed chefs, culinary luminaries, and hospitality experts. Attendees can anticipate a gastronomic journey, exploring everything from local delicacies to haute cuisine, all within the vibrant setting of Doha Expo 2024.

Beyond the culinary delights, visitors can engage in unique experiences, witness live cooking theatres, and partake in nightly fireworks displays. Chairman of Qatar Tourism, Saad Bin Ali Al Kharji, underscores the event’s importance, affirming that Qatar consistently demonstrates its appeal as a global tourism hub with expanded infrastructure, improved safety measures, and authentic Arabian hospitality.

Pursuing the Momentum to New Heights

The festival arrives on the heels of Qatar’s success in attracting over four million guests in the preceding year, surpassing visitor numbers from the past five years. Riding the wave of positive momentum generated by the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Qatar’s tourism sector has undergone transformational initiatives. The introduction of the Hayya platform streamlines visa processes, complementing the nation’s open travel policies, with 95 countries granted visas on arrival.

Peering into 2024, Qatar positions itself as a host for more than 80 unique events, encompassing the Shop Qatar, AFC Asian Cup, Katara International Arabian Horse Festival, Doha Jewellery and Exhibition (DJWE), Autonomous e-mobility Forum, the Technology Conference Web Summit, and Annual Qatar Economic Forum, Formula 1 Grand Prix 2024.

As Qatar extends an invitation to tourists and culinary enthusiasts alike, the Qatar International Food Festival emerges as a pivotal highlight, embodying the nation’s commitment to offering diverse and compelling experiences for global travellers.

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