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Workforce360 and authID Partner to Streamline International Workforce Recruitment in the Middle East

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In a strategic move aimed at revolutionising international workforce recruitment in the Middle East, authID has forged a significant partnership with Workforce360. The Dubai-based Workforce360 offers a Software-as-a-Service platform designed to facilitate connections between hiring organisations and overseas recruitment agents. This initiative seeks to address the mounting demand for skilled and unskilled labour in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Workforce360 emphasises that recruiting overseas workers traditionally involves navigating a staggering 35 intricate steps, in stark contrast to the seven basic steps required for domestic talent acquisition.

Details on the Collab

To expedite the recruitment process and bring efficiency to this complex operation, Workforce360 has turned to authID and its cutting-edge document-based identity verification solution. authID’s technology boasts the capability to automatically authenticate over 12,000 government IDs and passports from across the globe. This strategic alliance aligns with Workforce360’s mission to provide its network of agents and employers with fast, high-volume recruitment while ensuring transparency in the process.

In emphasising authID’s pivotal role, Workforce360 CEO Alexander de Oliveira stated that the seamless identity document verification solution offered by authID met their requirements for speed, precision, and accuracy. He also highlighted the mission’s core focus on ensuring fast, high-volume recruitment for their network of agents and employers. According to de Oliveira, authID’s contribution enables the essential transparency needed for employers to concentrate on their core business, effectively transforming the landscape of digital global recruitment.

Apt Step After a Great Quarter

This collaboration follows closely on the heels of authID’s remarkable Q3 performance, marked by a substantial 300 percent increase in sales quarter-over-quarter. The company, under new leadership appointed earlier this year, has been diligently expanding its client base. It is evident that authID’s document-focused technology is a pivotal factor contributing to the company’s extraordinary growth. While authID is widely recognized for its facial recognition-based solutions, renowned for authentication and identity verification, its document-oriented technology is now emerging as a cornerstone of its success.

Rhon Daguro, the CEO of authID, conveyed his enthusiasm for the partnership by expressing the company’s eagerness to assist Workforce360 in achieving unparalleled levels of speed, transparency, and identity trust in international workforce recruitment. This collaborative effort is poised to drive innovation and enhance efficiency within the international workforce recruitment landscape, promising a bright future for both authID and Workforce360.

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