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Chinese Company Comes Up With ‘Unhappy Leaves’ Where You Don’t Go To Work If You Are Not Happy!

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A Chinese retail tycoon has now come up with ‘unhappy leaves’ for employees which helps them get a balanced work-life.

This was done by the founder and chairman of Pang Dong Lai – Yu Donglai, who has announced that employees can now take a leave for upto 10 days as he believes, “everyone has times when they’re not happy, so if you’re not happy, do not come to work.” He also added that employees can decide their rest time and that “this leave cannot be denied by management. Denial is a violation.”

The company has the employment policy where employees will have to work only for seven hours a day and they have the weekends off as well as are entitled to 30 to 40 days annual leave alongside the five days off during the Lunar New Year. 

He said, “We do not want to be big. We want our employees to have a healthy and relaxed life, so that the company will too.”

He believes that freedom and love are extremely crucial for a person and the company had formerly introduced a job-level certification system where Yu Donglai claimed, “Even a janitor can earn up to 500,000 yuan (US$70,000) annually as long as their professional capabilities reach a certain level.”

This decision got a positive response which was very much expected as people started saying things like, “Such a good boss and this company culture should be promoted nationwide.”

Or something like, “I want to switch to Pang Dong Lai. I feel like I would gain happiness and respect there.”

It has been discovered that more than 65 percent of employees feel unhappy and exhausted at work which was reported in the year 2021 survey on workplace anxiety in China. 

Earlier, Yu Donglai also criticised the culture of other Chinese bosses in various companies where they expect their employees to work longer hours and commented, “Making staff work overtime is unethical and an expropriation of other people’s opportunities for growth.”

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