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UN Climate Chief Warns Us All ! : “Two Years To Save The World” He Says

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Simon Stiell, who is the UN Climate Chief , warned us all on Wednesday that governments, business leaders as well as development banks have just two more years to do something to turn back from facing some of the worst climate change scenarios. 

At the Chatham House think tank in London while giving his speech, he stated that, “We still have a chance to make greenhouse gas emissions tumble, with a new generation of national climate plans. But we need these stronger plans now.”

Simon especially stressed on saying, “Who exactly has two years to save the world? The answer is every person on this planet.”

He also added, “More and more people want climate action right across societies and political spectrums, largely because they are feeling the impacts of the climate crisis in their everyday lives and household budgets.”

Mr. Stiell also focused on saying that the climate crisis is diminishing  amidst a crowded global agenda just when consensus is important for supporting developing nations in affording clean energy and addressing extreme weather events. 

“I’ll be candid: blame shifting is not a strategy. Sidelining climate isn’t a solution to a crisis that will decimate every G20 economy and has already started to hurt,” said the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

Simon’s impassioned plea comes after Europe’s climate monitor declared that March marked the hottest month on record, which is creating a streak of unprecedented heat for the tenth consecutive month worldwide.

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