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An Earthquake of Magnitude 6.3 hits Western Japan Although there is No Tsunami Warning

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An earthquake of preliminary magnitude of 6.3 struck southwestern Japan on Wednesday night. The US Geological Survey has claimed that there were fortunately no tsunami warnings or any reports of severe damage. 

The USGS has put the epicentre of the quake in a channel that separates the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku by about 18 kilometers, west of Uwajima, at the depth of around 25 kilometers.

“In areas where the jolt was strong, please don’t approach any dangerous areas. There is no risk of tsunami caused by this earthquake,” said the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) on the social media platform, X. 

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority claimed that the Ikata nuclear power plant in the area was operating as normal. 

“No abnormalities have been detected at the Ikata power plant.. and the operation is continuing,” it said. 

The Government spokesman Yoshimasa Hayashi has confirmed that fortunately there are no tsunami warnings till now which also includes any other abnormalities at the power plants and the authorities are now at work to identify any further damage that may have occurred. 

“We will do everything we can to respond,” Hayashi claimed.

He has also warned everyone to be careful and vigilant for aftershocks. 

“I was about to go to bed when I felt the rumbling and knew a quake was coming. Then I felt the kind of jolt that I’ve never experienced in my life, and it kept shaking for 10 or 20 seconds,” a fisherman from the Ehime region commented. 

“I was a bit panicky,” he said, further claiming that a few tiny objects fell over in his house, but there was no further damage. 

As Japan is on top of four major tectonic plates along the western edge of the Pacific “Ring of Fire” which makes Japan one of the world’s most tectonically active countries. 

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