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Meet Livia Voigt : The World’s Youngest Billionaire At Just The Age 19

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The Forbes Billionaires List 2024 has recently announced the 19 year old Brazilian student who is claimed to be the youngest billionaire to ever exist globally. She has surpassed the former title holder, who was an Italian teen named Clemente Del Vecchio who is just two months older than her and this marks a significant milestone. 

Livia Voigt is from Brazil and stands as the heiress to one of Latin America’s prominent electric motors manufacturers. By holding the position of being the largest individual shareholder at WEG, a company which was co-founded by Livia’s grandfather, Werner Ricardo Voigt, Livia’s position as the youngest billionaire stands out. Although Livia has this generational wealth, she is still pursuing her academics and finishing her education and is enrolled as a university student at the moment. Livia has a networth of $1.1 billion which makes this achievement very notable. 

She, alongside her sister Dora Voigt de Assis, are included in the seven new faces in the youngest billionaire list of the year 2024. Dora, her older sister, at the age 26 had earned her architecture degree in 2020. 

Many young heirs just like them have recently joined the billionaire ranks in the past few years. Which includes Ireland’s Mistry brothers, who are 25 and 27, have inherited sizable fortunes from Tata Sons which is a Mumbai based conglomerate after their father’s demise in the year 2022. They both have a networth of approximately $4.9 billion.

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