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Hilton and Mars Petcare Join Hands to Offer Free Meals for International Canine Celebration Day

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As the much-anticipated International Canine Celebration Day approaches on August 26th, hospitality giant Hilton and Mars Petcare have joined forces to orchestrate a delightful surprise for furry companions residing in their pet-welcoming hotel establishments. Canine guests sojourning at Homewood Suites, Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn,  Tru, Embassy Suites, and Home2 Suites locations across the United States, along with selected Toronto-area sites, are in for a treat. On the forthcoming Saturday, August 26, these fortunate dogs will be presented with complimentary CESAR Canine meals, available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Catering to the Pets on Travel Trend

The growing trend of integrating cherished four-legged family members into travel plans has become indisputably evident with the approach of International Dog Day and similar occasions. Recent studies conducted by Hilton have illuminated that a substantial 56 percent of dog proprietors intend to voyage accompanied by their furry friends within the ensuing three to nine months. Remarkably, a significant 79 percent of pet owners factor in pet-centric considerations while selecting their holiday destinations. In acknowledgment of this burgeoning trend, Hilton, renowned for its myriad pet-friendly lodgings, has engaged in a strategic alliance with Mars Petcare to embellish the experience of traveling with beloved pets, whether named Fido or Fluffy.

A Moment of Pride

Talene Staab, the Brand Leader of Home2 Suites by Hilton, elucidated, “Enthusiastic globetrotters aspire to weave enduring memories with their pets during vacations, thereby embracing them as integral family members. Hilton takes pride in its ability to pre-empt the requisites of our pet-loving voyagers. We provide them with dependable service and commodious accommodations that emulate the aura of home.” This fruitful collaboration with Mars Petcare culminates in a gesture of celebration on International Dog Day, encompassing a token of appreciation for all resident dogs, in the form of a complimentary meal.

Jean-Paul Jansen, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Mars Petcare North America, reinforced the sentiment by stating, “Mars Petcare and Hilton jointly recognise that pet parents derive utmost pleasure from journeys undertaken with their loyal companions. Hence, our collective aspiration is to spearhead the forefront of pet-friendly travel throughout the expanse of the United States and Canada.” The impending International Dog Day celebrations provide the perfect juncture for this harmony between hospitality and pet-care to flourish, manifesting as a cherished meal from the CESAR brand. This heartfelt gesture is poised to culminate in moments of unadulterated delight for both dogs and their doting human companions during their memorable journeys together.

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