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Celebrity Chef Joins the “Trend” of Frozen Food Line

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In the frozen food industry the unthinkable has occurred. The great chef, Gord Ramsey has released a new frozen food line contrary to the comment he made in December 202 where the celebrity chef mentioned that he thinks microwaves are for “lazy cooks.”

On August 24, People announced that Ramsay was releasing his first line of frozen meals called “By Chef Ramsay,” which will be sold exclusively at Walmart.

The website of this collection has foretold that the line consists of eight frozen entrees that are Ramsay’s own recipes, from lasagna to fish and chips. 

“I’m elated to bring my favourite dishes into homes across the country,” 

Ramsay told People. “It thrills me that these dishes are so widely available for anyone to experience, and I hope they inspire the home chef in everyone.”

Ramsay went on to concede that microwaves can be helpful for reheating meals or getting something slightly warmer before you broil it, but he said they do not “impart flavour” in food in any meaningful way.

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