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Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz Reimagines Restaurant Design Using AI

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Designer Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz generates a Midjourney series of visualizations depicting organic structures, the ‘Tree Restaurants’ from the deep connections of architecture and nature that evoke ‘warmth, strength, home, love, life, and abundance’. Through the means of artificial intelligence, the renderings illustrate an architectural language using geometric imitations of trees to form organic facades that wrap the glazed fronts of restaurants in a material that resembles wood. 

The nature-inspired design derives from the concept of the ‘Tree of Life’ being present in the collective unconscious in many cultures throughout history and reminisces of the abstract form of a forest.

The project’s objective is to achieve more intimate spaces that break a little from the orthogonal structures of cities and conventional buildings, shares the Chilean designer. The organic language lends itself to making extremely interesting plays of light at night, evoking the primitive sensation of a nocturnal refuge.

The use of glass contrasts the visual reading of the solid elements, while the addition of external furniture creates different environments within the urban context. Commenting on the increasing globalization of architectural concepts, the compulsive mass production, and the loss of cultural identities, the project aims to remind the value of nature and the inherent relationship of humans with it.

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