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Moonbound : U.S. Spacecraft Returns to Moon Via Private Initiative

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Ever since the Apollo era, this was the first time that America’s spaceship had landed on the Moon. This spacecraft is an uncrewed commercial robot which was funded by NASA in order to support US astronauts to return to Earth’s cosmic neighbour in the next ten years. 

This six-legged robot lander, named Odysseus had touched down at about 6:23 p.m. EST (2323 GMT). The landing was one of the most nerve-wracking landings for the team as an issue surfaced concerning the spacecraft’s autonomous navigation system which was in need of engineers on the ground for the employment of untested workaround at the very last moment. This was followed by an anticipated radio blackout which took some time to reestablish communications with the spacecraft.

Even though the signal was faint, the contact was regained which confirmed that the lander had touched down but they still were unsure of its condition.

“Today for the first time in more than half a century, the US has returned to the Moon,” stated Bill Nelson who is the administrator at NASA in a video. “Today for the first time in the history of humanity, a commercial company, an American company, launched and led the voyage up there.”

Right according to the plan, the spacecraft had come to rest at a crater called Malapert A which was near the moon’s south pole and a live video was provided a day after the landing which came after Odysseus reached lunar orbit. 

According to senior NASA official Joel Kearns, “The current mission is one of the first forays into the south pole to actually look at the environmental conditions to a place we’re going to be sending our astronauts in the future.”

This was another remarkable mission as until now it was only done by the space agencies of the Soviet Union, United States, China, India and Japan had accomplished the feat which makes this an exclusive club.

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