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‘Tadpole-Shaped Object’: Spacex Rocket Astonishes Music Festival Attendees with Unusual Sight

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The people who went to the Horizon Music Festival in San Diego were shocked to see a rare sight in the evening sky. An uncanny tadpole shaped object had appeared which captured the attention of the public from the main event. 

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket had lit up in Southern California sky on Sunday evening as it took off from Vandenberg Space Force Base, which was located in the northwest of Santa Barbara. 

According to NBC, the rocket carrying a payload of 20 Starlink satellites destined for low-Earth orbit put on a spectacular display that was visible along the coast. When skies are clear, the rocket and its exhaust plume can be seen from hundreds of miles away as it travels along the coastline.

Better view was witnessed by launches which occurred right after the sunset or before the sunrise as the rocket’s reflection of the sun’s rays stands out against the dark sky.

The extraordinary event was captured by numerous festival attendees, with videos and photos swiftly spreading across social media platforms. The captivating sight was widely shared and quickly gained popularity online.

The heightened activity at Vandenberg is part of SpaceX’s expanded operations at the site, following approval from the California Coastal Commission for the company to conduct up to 36 launches per year from the base.

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