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Modi Advocates for Technological Inclusivity at G7 Summit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at the Outreach session of the G7 summit in Apulia, Italy, called for an end to technological monopolies, emphasising the need for creativity and inclusivity in technology. Highlighting the disproportionate impact of global uncertainties and tensions on the countries of the Global South, Modi reiterated India’s commitment to voicing their priorities and concerns on the international stage.

“India has always considered it its duty to represent the interests of the Global South. Our efforts have particularly focused on Africa, and we are proud to have played a pivotal role in making the African Union a permanent member of the G-20 during India’s chairmanship,” Modi stated. He affirmed India’s ongoing commitment to contributing to the economic, social, and security needs of African nations, emphasising that this support will continue into the future.

AI and Energy: A Human-Centric Approach

Modi underscored the critical role of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), in creating an inclusive society. He emphasised the necessity of making technology a force for good, stating, “We must make technology creative, not destructive. This approach will lay the foundation for an inclusive society.”

India, he noted, has been at the forefront of AI development, being among the first countries to develop a national AI strategy. This year, India launched the AI Mission with the guiding principle of ‘AI for All.’ As a founding member and lead chair of the Global Partnership on AI, India is actively promoting international cooperation to ensure AI’s benefits are widespread and equitably shared.

“At the G-20 summit hosted by India last year, we stressed the need for international governance in AI. Moving forward, we will work with all nations to make AI transparent, fair, secure, accessible, and responsible,” Modi asserted.

In addressing energy challenges, Modi articulated India’s four-principle approach: availability, accessibility, affordability, and acceptability. He reaffirmed India’s dedication to achieving its Net Zero emissions target by 2070 and called for collective global efforts to usher in a green era.

“Together, we should strive to make the coming time a green era,” Modi concluded, highlighting India’s comprehensive and human-centric approach to technology and energy.

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