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5 Time Management Apps to Help You Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

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Striking a harmonious work-life balance may seem like a daunting task for most individuals. However, with the augmenting growth of adeptly curated technological tools, this feat can be achieved by all working individuals. Technology can be used creatively in order to effectively counter the eroding boundaries between our personal and professional lives.

People employed in strenuous jobs often complain about their inability to judiciously manage time. However, in the face of the tech revolution, this distant dream of managing time has become quite tangible and real. There is a plethora of apps dedicated to creating myriad opportunities for streamlining time management and attaining a healthy work-life balance. Listed below are some of the most salient apps that have helped individuals achieve a conducive work-life balance through effective time management in the 21st century:


Workflow is an app that helps individuals achieve the coveted work-life balance while streamlining tasks that are to be performed. The app allows users to create unique home screen shortcuts on their phones, allowing them to perform batches of tasks with just a single tap.

Whether the task is pulling up Google Maps to get directions to your next meeting or scheduling appointments, Workflow’s interface helps minimize the wastage of time by automating all complex tasks on the user’s phone. This helps workers achieve a better work-life balance, since they are free to invest saved the time much more fruitfully.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a time-tracking app that records how and where a user spends his or her time. This app can be used as a productivity enhancer simply by assessing the way one spends time and then holistically reintegrating his or her approach to work.  Rescue Time can be a fruitful addition to a busy entrepreneur’s app ensemble because the data from the app can be used to eliminate unnecessary distractions.

By spotting inefficiencies in the day, you can easily change your work strategy to better utilize the operative hours and enjoy a more balanced personal and professional life. The app also allows the user to set reminder alarms when he/she is exceeding the optimal time limit for a task. Rescue Time helps one remain razor focused by setting achievable goals for each new day.


Timely is another formidable time-tracking app that allows users to not simply manage the time taken to complete tasks and bypass wasteful interludes, but it also organizes the user’s workweek efficiently and in the most optimally planned manner. By crafting the schedule of the upcoming week it is possible to estimate in advance as to the time needed to complete all tasks and then have enough time on your hands to plan family outings or dinners.

Moreover, Timely offers another noteworthy feature to its users- retrospective assessment of time. This feature is important because it allows users to take reference from their previous experiences of similar tasks and layout future time predictions accordingly. This helps make such predictions more realistic and accurate, rather than making them utopic targets.


There are several professions that engage in the ‘billable-hours’ model of work. In such professions, acquiring a healthy work-life balance may be even more strenuous than others. However, it is possible to effectively use tech to manage these billable hours and strike a conducive balance. Harvest is an app designed to track your billable hours and send instant invoices to clients.

The app helps mark a shift in the user’s perspective about time. It is built to aid users understand that time is also a finite resource and must thus be expended accordingly. It is also equipped with an easy-to-share visual reports feature that shows how you and your team are spending valuable and billable company hours and how the system can be optimized to achieve a more harmonious work-life balance.

Remember The Milk

Striking the perfect work-life balance translates into the ability of the individual to optimally navigate both their work tasks as well as manage tasks on the home front. Remember The Milk is an app that is designed to do just that. It helps create multiple to-do lists, including both professional and personal listings.

Automated task reminders help individuals fulfill them on time and enjoy the best of both worlds in an effective manner. The colour-coded tag system used by the app makes looking at lists and focusing on specific tasks much easier. Moreover, the interface of the app syncs across all devices, allowing users to remain connected even when they are offline.

Attaining a healthy and happy work-life balance can be an unnerving experience for both the entrepreneurs and employees. However, the boons of modern technology have helped assuage many of the issues around striving to achieve this goal. The secret is to manage time effectively. This can be attained by incorporating the aforementioned apps into your operative business model. With such applications that are designed to maximize productive while simultaneously reducing the time consumption of a user, a conducive work-life balance will no longer be out of the individual’s grasp.

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