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6 Predictions for the Future of Speech-Recognition Tech in 2022

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One of the greatest boons of living in a high-fueled tech era is that we get the first-hand experience of the myriad changes it brings into the world around us. Speech recognition has been one such seminal innovation that has helped shape the world around us decisively over the course of the last decade.

When speech recognition tech emerged back in 2011 with Apple’s Siri, no one could have predicted its formidable role in the path of innovation. Today, speech recognition tech has become much more than a conduit for voice assistance, it has grown to be a significant driver of novelty in the industry. From the healthcare to the banking sector, speech recognition tools and software programmes have come to dominate the market! 

Shedding light on the future of such an invaluable tool, we’ve listed some of the most important predictions for the tool in the upcoming days of 2022:

  1. Change in Search Behaviors– one of the most salient predictions for the upcoming year is that voice assistants and speech recognition software programmes will play an important role in changing the way we search for information online. Although we can already witness this shift, it’s bound to be more pronounced with the progression of days. This is because as search behavior preferences of customers change, brands are also experiencing a change in their touch points. The augmenting importance of ‘listening points’ is a direct consequence of this shift. This will also pave the path for new modalities of marketing that help brands connect with their customers who prefer voice search over the manual one.
  2. Voice Cloning– with the increasing levels of innovation in the market, we are not too far away from voice cloning. With ML software solutions, the recorded voice of an individual can be tweaked to perfection. Such ingenious voice conversion technology will be largely beneficial to marketers, filmmakers, game developers, and many others. Once we reach the full potential of voice cloning, there’s not much that remains beyond our grasp. The leaps and bounds of innovation in the world of tech have now made it possible to clone voices by capturing the intonation and speed of speech. Deep learning software programmes have made machine-made speech seem uncannily human!
  3. Voice-tech in Healthcare– in the course of the pandemic years, we’ve already witnessed the widespread use of voice tech in the domain of healthcare. This rise in its adaptation is projected to keep increasing over the course of the next year. From providing streamlined virtual assistance to handling emergency issues with utmost precision, the AI-empowered voice-tech chatbots used in the medical industry have proved to be true game-changers. 
  4. Bidding Adieu to Switches– Since we’ve already been enjoying the benefits of text-free searches, it won’t be long before we can relish in a remote-free world. Although this tech has also developed in most sectors, what remains is its universal launch and adaptation. With the augmenting popularity of speech-recognition tools, we are not far away from the days when we can operate TVs, ACs, and other household appliances sans remotes!
  5. Augmented Security– with the more widespread use of speech-recognition software, we can imagine a near future when the safety of our gadgets and data will be further enhanced. Since most voice assistants now come with improved in-built safety features, you can relish the boons of this novel innovation without worrying about data leaks and privacy breaches. 
  6. Fine-tuning Chatbots– voice-tech enabled chatbots are the customer assistants of the modern age. While most industrial verticals have adopted some form of these chatbots, we can expect their functionality to further improve in the upcoming months of 2022, owing to the rapid developments in the field of ML and AI. With deep learning algorithms these chatbots will be better able to assist customers.

While the future of humanity definitely seems to be one that’s guided by the tenets of speech recognition programmes, it is important to understand how we can diversify their usage. After the set goals of this novel innovation are fulfilled, what remains is to see how it can be creatively incorporated into the fabric of our daily lives to improve it further. This is because the ingenious of developing outstanding tools does not lie in ideating them, but rather lies in using them for purposes other than their avowed ones! What remains to be seen is how the industry embraces this seminal tool, while also remaining open to its unrestrained and creative implementation in all walks of life! 

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