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5 Tips to Ace Brand Awareness Campaigns and Become Super Brands

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Brand awareness is invariably important for a company that aims to attain the ‘Super Brand’ tag. Cultivating a well-respected reputation for your products and services is not as easy a task as most believe it to be! In order to ace this domain, leaders have to take certain definitive calls that work to set the enterprise apart from its market competition, while simultaneously establishing its USP.

At face value, brand awareness is all about building recognition for your brand. Steps that ensure your brand is known and loved are essential parts of such good awareness campaigns. However, to be more precise, brand awareness is about zeroing in on a set of pivotal factors including the brand’s messaging campaigns, its social media presence, advertisement designs, etc. Although the yardsticks of brand awareness measurement may vary from one industry to another, the importance of undertaking its cultivation can hardly be contested. Thus, we’ve listed the top 5 tips that will help you optimize your brand awareness quotient, leading you to the celebrated ‘Super Brand’ title:

Identify ‘Your’ Market Edge

The first step in building strong brand awareness demands that you recognize what makes your brand different from the rest of its market competitors. In other words, you need to ascertain the USP of your brand. A blended approach may be fruitful in this domain. While you need to spend time introspecting, trying to identify the unique offerings of your brand, you also need to interrogate your competitor’s branding strategies. Finding ways to define yourself is as important as finding how your competitors don’t define themselves. If you can locate a lacuna in the existing market for your services or products, use it to brand yourself. This will clearly set you apart from the rest.

Optimism Goes A Long Way

Given the perpetual gloominess around us, we all like to opt for the very few brands that showcase positivity and optimism. For some brands, such positivity may be about being environmentally friendly, while for some others it may relate to aesthetically pleasing imageries. This little note can be incorporated into your branding strategy in a variety of ways. Whatever be the optimism-indicating element in your strategy, make sure it’s your own. Allow yourself the space to explore it interpretively and intuitively. The baseline is: people want to feel good. If your brand strategy makes them feel good, you’ll be set on a steady path to becoming a Super Brand in no time!

Tell Your Story

This is a very under-appreciated tip that most brands seem to avoid, but it does have the potential to make all the difference. When writing your brand’s bios on various social media portals, make sure you add an ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Story’ section. Retell your brand-building story here. This space offers you an opportunity to tell your audience how and why your brand is different and why they should opt for it. Since most hyperlinks about your brand will guide the reader back to your own website, having this section perfectly prepared will do more good than harm.

Using Your Brand Logo and Message

This one’s a no-brainer because it’s listed as one of the baseline strategies for brand awareness in all business manuals, catalogs, and blogs. What we want to add is that you should spend time thinking about presenting the essence of your brand through its logo or message. If customers can gauge what your brand is all about with a single glance at its logo, 90% of your work is done. Try to make your logo and message obvious, yet creatively different. Mesmerizing customers with a bit of wit and wordplay may also be a prudent option. Remember that customers want to be intrigued but not worn out when reading a brand message or looking at its logo!

Consistent Branding Does the Trick

As another seminal brand awareness-building pillar, this one is just too unavoidable! As the leader of a growing brand, your task is to be as consistent with your branding campaigns as possible. Remember that most customers don’t like changes in their favorite brands. While you can and must revamp your branding every once in a while, doing so far too often may lead to issues. Moreover, you must also ensure that your brand’s messaging tone, text, and essence are the same across all its channels of branding. This helps create a quasi-drip campaign that enhances your brand’s recall value significantly.

Brand awareness may seem like simply posting ten to twenty pictures daily on the various social media platforms, in reality, it is much more complicated than just that! In order to blossom into a Super Brand, you must keep these 5 key tips in mind when planning and executing branding strategies. Over time, these tips -when sufficiently incorporated- can create a niche for your brand in the market, securing its path to the coveted Super Brand status.

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