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6 Must-Have Apps for Female Entrepreneurs

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The technological revolution has reinvented the workplace. The goal is now to streamline operations and capitalize on the merging opportunities of the market. To sufficiently cater to the E-audience members of your brand, it is essential to embody the spirit of digitization. This is an ideal that is shared by all daring business women. They have embraced the wave of digitization by enhancing the efficacy of their business models through the incorporation of various elements of the digital prowess. Mentioned below are some of the apps that are deemed indispensable by the most audacious women leaders in the industry:

Time Master

Conducive time management is the mark of a great leader. There are many aspects of the venture that have to be juggled by these daring business women. The operative model of the enterprise may necessitate the hourly tracking of time spent on each client. Billing systems at firms may also be contingent on the meeting and consultancy hours spent on each client. Thus, it is important to have a technical tool that will help streamline the process of these mammoth calculations as it is impossible to manually keep track of them.

Time Master is an app that does just that. It helps leaders track the amount of time spent consulting or working on a particular project, thereby calculating the amount payable by the client in terms of these billable hours. Features like expense calculation, optional billing, etc. are also included with the app. 


Collaborations can help boost the creative potential of a firm. Business women and female entrepreneurs have the relentless spirit of driving such collaborative efforts. However, it can be difficult to manage a significant number of people simultaneously. To effectively solve this issue, go the digital way.

Apps like Basecamp help manage productivity by making online collabs easier. The cloud-based system of the app allows work teams to access the materials needed at any given time. You can also share ideas, review project details, and manage deadlines through a single streamlined portal. Apart from these features, the app also includes a centralized schedule board and to-do list to effectively divide the workload of a project.


Another notable app that helps save precious time so that it can be invested elsewhere. This ideal of efficient time utilization is collectively shared by all smart and daring business women. Expensify is an app that is oriented towards maintaining thorough records of expenses and overhead costs that have been incurred in running the operations of the venture.

Simply by downloading this app you can forget about your expense woes. There is no need to waste time perfecting these calculations manually. The automated syncing feature helps the app’s interface gain insights from your files almost immediately. This virtually eliminates any manual input requirements making the app a sure-shot winner.


CRM has emerged as an important part of any firm’s journey to success. Without cultivating strong and fruitful relations with customers, no leader can expect to see tangible growth. This is equally true for the daring women in business today.

Nutshell is an app that helps integrate third-party services and apps in one place. It is like the app for all apps. It aims to make contact management, sales automation, and team collaborations simpler. The performance tracking tools of the app help you gauge the success rate of your marketing and sales policies.


An app that is known as the absolute essential when discussing the modern toolkit is the Dropbox. Most audacious business women already use it and stand by its excellent abilities. As a cloud storage system, Dropbox allows the user to store all records and documents in one place.

Both data transmission and storage security form the backbone of a modern enterprise. Thankfully, Dropbox exemplifies both these requirements. It also allows users the added ease of access as they can open, edit, and share files anytime on the go.

Awesome Note

Every female entrepreneur knows the value of her time. She is also acquainted with the need to harvest brilliant ideas. It is quite a well-known fact that since inspiration can strike at any given moment, the recipient must always be prepared. Awesome Note helps achieve just that.

The app is designed to fit right into the busy lives of these women. It allows them to take notes anytime on the go. It aims to help women create and organize their plans as well as save all essential data on a single platform. The app has made note taking must sleeker and easier.

In order to grow in a competitive market, entrepreneurs have to embrace the digital wave. This implies that they must infuse the technical brilliance of apps into their business models to ace the digital age. Female entrepreneurs are no different. They have rationalized their productivity and boosted their market presence by leveraging the uniquely brilliant abilities of these aforementioned application. 

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