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Vigorous Solar Storm Detected In Canada’s Deep Ocean Water According To The Research

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The Solar Storm due to which the Northern Lights were created across Canada also impacted deep in the province’s oceans. 

Ocean Networks Canada manages many sensors in order to measure whatever there is in the ocean which also includes acoustics. 

Kate Moran, who is the CEO of Ocean Networks Canada, said that researchers have noticed the solar storm which triggered the movement of compasses which were deep in the ocean and they have claimed to have recorded the short distortion of the Earth’s magnetic field.

She claimed that these are reportedly some of the most remote recordings to be captured. 

“It’s really just a new way of understanding the Earth,” Moran said.

“I mean, we had no idea that we would be seeing the impact of an alteration of Earth’s magnetic field deep in the ocean. And so really, it’s information that can help scientists who study Earth’s magnetic field and the impacts from solar storms, and using these data to understand that it actually reaches much of our planet, including the ocean.”

According to Ocean Networks Canada, the most noteworthy magnetic shift was identified at the Folger Passage subsea site at the depth of 25 metres off the coast of Vancouver Island.

The shift changed its direction within the range of +30 to -30 degrees.

Moran claimed that the geomagnetic disturbances can be harmful to the power grids, satellite networks, as well as animals’ navigational abilities but she still thinks that a lot more data is lacking. 

“It’s not really been substantiated, but that’s another thing,” she said.

“We monitor all of these kinds of events so we could be able to be monitoring those changes as well.”

As the rate of solar storms will increase over the next few years, Moran said they can expect to learn more about our world and our oceans.

“We are always surprised about what we learn from the ocean,” she said.

“We monitor 24/7 in real-time, so we’re always finding new things. And this is just one of them.”

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