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Updated Version of the WHO Skin NTDs App has been Released by WHO

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An upgraded version of the Skin NTDs app hhas been released by the World Health Organization. This app is designed to help the front-line health workers in diagnosing and managing skin-related neglected tropical diseases (skin NTDs). The updated version of the app is available on both, android as well as iOS devices.

The collaboration between WHO and Until No Leprosy Remains (NLR) has resulted into an exciting development. Reports cited, NLR generously transferred the content of its SkinApp, which encompassed information on skin NTDs, 24 common skin diseases, and some HIV-related skin conditions, to the WHO Skin NTDs App. This collaboration has resulted in a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that aligns with the latest WHO recommendations.

The key features of the updated app include logical, offline algorithem, multilingual support, learning resources and cutting-edge AI integration (Beta).

“This software application will rapidly furnish healthcare professionals with practical information for a particular disease, encompassing its clinical characteristics, treatment protocols, and geographic prevalence,” explained Dr José Postigo, a Medical Officer in the WHO Global Neglected Tropical Diseases Programme, working on skin NTDs. “Accessing the interactive menu and a few simple clicks suffice to assist healthcare workers in identifying the most common skin conditions.”

“The WHO Skin NTDs App represents a significant step forward in the fight against NTDs affecting the skin. By providing health workers with a robust and accessible tool, WHO aims to enhance early detection, streamline treatment and ultimately improve the lives of individuals affected by these diseases,” added Dr Kingsley Asiedu, Team Leader for Skin NTDs, WHO Global Neglected Tropical Diseases Programme.

WHO has passed out a message of encouragement for all users to download the App and share it within their networds.Their statement released: “Together, we can empower front-line health workers with the knowledge and resources needed to combat skin NTDs effectively.”

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