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Doctor’s Pioneering Treatment After Incurable Brain Tumour Diagnosis Helped Him Still Be Cancer Free

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A doctor from Australia is still cancer free, thanks to his pioneering research on melanoma to the announced incurable brain cancer which he was diagnosed with almost a year ago. 

“He couldn’t be happier,” said Richard Scolyer, who is the Professor at the University of Sydney, after he saw the results of a recent MRI that showed zero signs of the recurrence of his glioblastoma. 

Prof Scolyer posted on X who alongside fellow University of Sydney professor, Georgina Long, was named Australian Of The Year, said: “I couldn’t be happier!!!!!

“Thank you to the fabulous team looking after me so well, especially my wife Katie & wonderful family!”

Prof Scolyer, who has a record of saving thousands of patients with his revolutionary melanoma treatment had recently discovered that he had a tumour after he had a seizure in Poland. 

He is now honoured to be the world’s first brain cancer patient to have pre-surgery combination immunotherapy as he used his pioneering work on melanoma on himself. 

Prof Scolyer is positive that the tumour will not be recurred as the doctor said that the median time for it to return for the grade four brain tumour he has is six months.

 “By undertaking an experimental treatment with risk of shortening his life, he has advanced the understanding of brain cancer and is benefiting future patients,” claimed the University of Sydney as it had announced the Australians Of The Year Award for Prof Scolyer and Prof Long. 

The professors who are also co-medical directors of Melanoma Institute Australia, have successfully made the disease curable due to their immunotherapy approach which helps in activating a patient’s own immune system. 

Prof Scolyer also said back in February, that, “the risk of major adverse reactions to these sorts of drugs is fairly high, but I’ve had it plain-sailing so far so I couldn’t be happier and I hope it stays like that for some time longer”.

Prof Long added: “We’ve shown that… you can activate the immune system and do it very well and this is now a foundational first step to change the field and the way drugs are explored in brain cancer.”

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