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The Collision Tech Conference at Canada Sheds Light on the Impact of Tech on Democracy and Other Matters

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The Enercare Center played host to a thought-provoking conference titled “How is Tech Reshaping Democracy?” this week, delving into the profound influence of technology on democracy and information accessibility for the general public. In a captivating event organized by Collision Tech, renowned figures from various domains gathered to address critical issues surrounding technology’s impact on democracy.

Discussions at the Conference

Anita Sharma, a distinguished journalist from CTV News and Freelancer, skillfully moderated the conference, steering the discussions toward compelling insights. Notable speakers included Ellen Weintraub, Commissioner of the US Federal Election Commission, and Melissa Lantsman, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party.

The conference placed a strong emphasis on technology’s momentous influence on democracy, the democratization of information, freedom of speech, internet freedom, and the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Anita Sharma, shedding light on the international front, highlighted the recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States and the burgeoning partnership between the two nations. This collaboration signifies a message from the US to China that technology is transforming, and India is emerging as a new ally.

Drawing attention to China’s perspective, Sharma shared insights on China’s Premier expressing a desire to maintain its role as America’s factory and warehouse while disregarding geopolitical concerns. Melissa Lantsman, on the other hand, raised pressing concerns about human rights abuses against the Uyghurs, allegations of election interference in Canada, and Beijing’s hostage diplomacy tactics.

India in the Mix of Top Talent Pool Locations

Lantsman acknowledged the tremendous talent pool in India and advocated for Canada’s welcoming approach toward young Indian professionals. She stressed that Canada, aspiring to be a leader in technological advancements, should forge alliances with countries like India that share common values.

Expressing concern about Canada’s strained diplomatic relations with India, Lantsman underscored the need for better engagement, stating that the current relationship should have been more robust and promising. However, she expressed optimism for the future, asserting that Canada and India will eventually nurture a stronger bond. In her closing remarks, Anita Sharma reinforced the deep involvement of the United States with India, citing Silicon Valley as a testament to this thriving partnership.

The Collision Tech conference proved to be an engaging and enlightening platform, gathering experts from diverse fields to explore the far-reaching effects of technology on democracy. With discussions centered on global implications and the potential for transformation, the event left attendees pondering the role of technology in shaping our democratic societies.

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