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Saudi Arabia Promises Unwavering Support for UN’s Global Food Relief Efforts

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Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Mansour Al-Mushaiti, expressed the Kingdom’s unwavering support for United Nations (UN) initiatives aimed at achieving global food and water security, while addressing hunger and poverty worldwide.

Supporting a Global Cause

Al-Mushaiti delivered his remarks during the 43rd session of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Conference, held in Rome, which focuses on tackling challenges arising from water scarcity and efficient water management for sustainable food production.

Highlighting Saudi Arabia’s dedication to modernising agriculture, Al-Mushaiti emphasised the implementation of lending policies by the Agricultural Development Fund that prioritise the integration of advanced technologies. These policies involve providing loans that exceed 70 percent of the capital cost for agricultural projects. The lending rate has seen substantial growth, skyrocketing from SR500 million ($133 million) in 2015 to an impressive SR7 billion in 2022.

Investments Paint a Bright Picture for the Food Sector

Al-Mushaiti also highlighted the remarkable surge in investments within the agricultural sector, noting its record-breaking contribution of SR100 billion to the economy in 2022, which stands as the highest ever recorded for the sector. He also stressed on Saudi Arabia’s formidable self-sufficiency in various agricultural crops, especially those cultivated with the help of modern technology. This approach has facilitated an integrated water management system resulting in a significant reduction in water consumption for agricultural purposes, dropping from 86 percent to less than 70 percent.

On the sidelines of the conference, Al-Mushaiti met with the president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dr. Alvaro Lario. Both parties explored avenues for collaboration and strategies to enhance cooperation in line with the goals outlined in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Al-Mushaiti stressed the Kingdom’s emphasis on strengthening various elements of agricultural and food systems. Collaborating with regional and international civil organisations and institutions to promote research and knowledge-sharing is essential for annihilating roadblocks and achieving the objectives set by Saudi Arabia. The commitment to sustainable agriculture and the pursuit of global food security underpin the Kingdom’s dedication to fostering international partnerships for the betterment of the agricultural industry and ensuring a prosperous future for all.

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