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PPDS Competition Combines Sustainable Technology with Art

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PPDS, the renowned global provider of Philips professional displays and AV software solutions, has introduced an innovative approach to showcase its eco-friendly Philips Tableaux display, celebrated as the world’s most energy-efficient digital signage series, operating without a single kilowatt of electricity.

A Step Towards Sustainable Tech

In a groundbreaking move, PPDS unveiled the MUSE Digital Art Award, a pioneering international competition merging artistic creativity with cutting-edge sustainable technology. This is in tune with PPDS’ mission to foster energy-efficient and eco-friendly business, leisure, and educational environments, this cultural initiative invites artists to envision and inspire ‘The Energy for Tomorrow.’

The MUSE Digital Art Award is designed to validate 20 finalists with a unique opportunity to exhibit their work. Hosted by PPDS, the world’s inaugural ‘zero emission’ will get to showcase their art. This showcase is to be held this November inside the prestigious international institution in Milan, Italy. PPDS is collaborating closely with Italian art institutions to promote participation, with three institutions guaranteed finalists, and the top student artist winning a Philips Tableaux display.

Wireless Exhibitions

On November 7th, the 20 finalists will be unveiled for the Milan exhibition, with their submissions wirelessly displayed on individual Philips Tableaux displays at the event. Three winners will be selected by a panel of judges and through public votes on the MUSE Instagram page, each receiving a Philips Tableaux display, while the top professional artist will also be awarded €3,000.

All MUSE Digital Art Award submissions must be tailored for presentation on a 25″ (16 x 9) Philips Tableaux display, with a submission deadline of October 20, 2023. Entries will undergo thorough evaluation by an expert panel of judges, including museum directors,  digital art specialists, critics, art curators, and renowned international artists, whose identities will be disclosed shortly.

Ron Cottaar, Marketing Director at PPDS, stated, “With MUSE, we’re inviting artists worldwide to share their visions and inspire a better future. Participation is open to artists globally, and each year, a designated country will host the final exhibition. Italy was the natural choice for the inaugural edition.”

Global CSR and Sustainability Manager at PPDS, Stefan van Sabben, emphasised their commitment to sustainability, stating, “MUSE is a wonderful opportunity to amplify this message. We want our solutions to inspire change on a local and global scale, within and beyond our industry.” PPDS’ dedication to sustainability extends from their hardware and software solutions to their daily operations, reflecting their conviction that actions speak louder than words.

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