Heather Mahalik: Revolutionising Digital Forensics

Heather Mahalik Revolutionising Digital Forensics

Heather Mahalik, being an expert in the field of digital forensics, and is the Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite. With over two decades of expertise in navigating through turbulence of high-profile cases, she has shown successful progress in all and made valuable contributions in cases like child exploitation as well as exploration of digital media related to Osama Bin Laden. She was also featured in Women Know Cyber being included in 100 fascinating females fighting cybercrime.

“Nothing compares to knowing that the effort you put into writing and maintaining a course makes the world a better and safer place.”

– Heather Mahalik

Heather takes challenges head-on and her work is her only passion. “This field moves so quickly. It is literally impossible to get bored,” is what she says every time she is asked about her work. She is also the co-author of the bestselling book ‘Practical Mobile Forensics.’ She is also an irreplaceable part of SANS Institute where she has been involved in teaching, authoring as well as leading the DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) curriculum. Heather embodies all the aspects of being an inspirational leader who is always ready for collaboration and spreading of knowledge.

Heather’s Unexpected Turn Towards Digital Forensics

Starting her odyssey in the Air Force National Guard, she discovered her motive in the field of digital forensics as she worked as a professional in computer forensics. She chose her preferences in working on smartphone and third-party applications where she said, “I love cracking into and decoding apps that are supposed to be secure.” Her passion and persistence to rise above all made her a leader with a vision that not everyone will possess. She has claimed a significant position in the digital intelligence industry and made hundreds of individuals walk towards the same path of a triumphant future. Through her endless struggles and seemingly impossible goals, she has made Cellebrite a place where all the demands and issues can be addressed and solved.

Cellebrite Being One of the Preeminent Firms in the World

Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is a leading global organisation which is presently traded on NASDAQ, which revolves around the department of digital forensics. Spreading its wings all around the globe, Cellebrite has around ten offices worldwide, where over 1,000 employees are dedicated to be the patrons to help this company grow. They serve more than 7,000 customers across 120 countries and is ultimately the leading industry in their field.

Reshaping and Innovating the Future of Digital Forensics

As Heather has the leading role of being the Senior Director of Digital Intelligence, she epitomises the essence of being the company evangelist, and is working towards customer engagement as well as advocating for company advancements.

“Be humble but not insecure. Do not let your ego outgrow your worth. When people call you out, ask why and if you’re wrong. Admit it. Mentor – remember where you started and how you got to where you are now..”

– Heather Mahalik

Heather is an active leader of an impressive team which works dedicatedly for their clients and provides valuable outputs. They are also engaged in multiple activities like conducting knowledgeable webinars, making astute blogs, developing mini-training series and getting customer feedback. Heather and team tirelessly works to recreate, test, validate, and explain the data which ensures that the justice is provided meticulously.

Cellebrite’s Eventual Aspiration

Having achieved so much heretofore, Cellebrite has a calling to partner with public and private organisations which will assist in entirely revamping digital intelligence management for the sake of the investigations. They aim high when it comes to crime, and they show an unwavering commitment towards protecting the public from being the victims to such threats.

The company, being an award-winning Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform, is dedicated to bestow justice for victims which are in various different kinds of frauds and crimes. Cellebrite promotes organisations to guide through the intricacies of legally sanctioned digital investigations and dreams to help more and more such companies through tough times. Making sure to build and maintain a firm which goes by honesty, ethics, and integrity, is a huge responsibility but Cellebrite has set an example that doing so is never an issue when one is devoted to putting their customers first and endorsing ethical standards.

Heather’s Views on Budding Women Leaders

Heather has always supported the fact that women empowerment can be achieved only when a woman supports other women and lends a helping hand. She believes that opportunities never come to you, one needs to work hard and grab them. She also stands by the fact that if a person does not feel valued or appreciated in a workplace, they should look for one where they are heard and respected. Especially when it comes to women when the only thing holding them back is their gender despite being excellent in what they do. Heather is grateful that she got to be a part of Cellebrite which respects and listens to her just like she wanted, and helps her conquer all heights.

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