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While many leaders may talk about the need to have equal access to opportunities, very few work towards making this utopia real. Ms. Nicole Carter is one such phenomenal leader, who’s working persistently to bridge this opportunity gap. Her commitment to this goal is exemplified through her venture, Carter Consulting Corp. Ms. Carter established Carter Consulting with an avowed mission to support non-profits, government entities and faith-based organizations confront inequalities and the imbalance of opportunities head-on. Under her auspices, the company offers technical assistance, grant writing, capacity building, resource development, and community training.  She is also the founder and Executive Director of the nationally renowned 502 (c) (3) and federally funded The Institute CYFS.

Source of Inspiration

Nicole’s upbringing helped mold her into the woman she is today. Since childhood, she had witness the need, importance, and joy of helping others as the firstborn daughter of a pastor. This sowed the seeds of a strong community-oriented personality and outlook into the heart and mind of Nicole. Witnessing the selfless devotion of her grant-writing father and RN mom, Nicole grew up with a similar desire to extend an arm of aid to those in need.

We aim to help meet the needs of those who are most affected by the social and economic gaps of empowerment

– Nicole Carter

Moreover, since she was a student of Alabama A&M and a regular community volunteer, she was already well-aware of the needs of a minority community and why grassroots agencies need to be preserved. Community collaborations are essential to Nicole. She is an ardent believer in the fact that such collaborations with the community, local, and federal government stakeholders can help alleviate the issues faced by the most marginalized segments of the populace. “Such an approach can help meet the needs of those who are most affected by the social and economic gaps of empowerment,” asserts Nicole.

A Noble Vision

Carter Consulting, Corp has emerged as a truly noteworthy market disruptor under the guidance of its proud owner and CEO Nicole Carter, SHM. With her experience of 22 years, Nicole has crafted a Consulting firm like no other. Nicole is dedicated to helping others succeed in the corporate and community market. She specializes in fund identification, grant-writing, contract bidding, program implementation, building capacity, organizational development, compliance and monitoring/evaluation.

I believe in spearheading projects that help improve the lives of community members as well as counter the imbalance of opportunities

– Nicole Carter

Nicole has pioneered a legacy that’s unmatched by any other. She created Carter Consulting with a specific vision in mind. This was a vision of real tangible change. To this end, Carter Consulting specializes in grant writing, bidding, program compliance and grant/bid management. Right from planning to execution, the Carter Consulting team is with their clients every step of the way. The goal of each team member remains to posit a well-researched and optimized strategy to its community clients to help them achieve their goals. Today, the firm has emerged as a true force to be reckoned with owing to its invincible spirit of excellence and undying fire of innovation. As a federally and state recognized Women Owned Minority Business with SBA 8(a) and HUBZone certification, the company is dedicated to the ideation of accessible and flexible solutions for its community-based operations and minority clients.

Myriad Achievements

As an individual dedicated to the betterment of the community, Nicole believes in spearheading projects that help improve the lives of community members. She has held several important responsibilities over the last 22 years of her career including serving as project director for HUD, DHHS, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Education, and some of additional Federal and State Programs nationally. She has also worked with the State of Tennessee’s Department of Military in providing compliance on Federal Contracts and serves as peer chairperson and peer reviewer for some of federal and state grant approvals.  Moreover, she has also played a pivotal role in implementing several essential programs for social service agencies nationwide; from California to Mississippi.

Services that Help Communities Prosper

Led by Nicole’s unwavering commitment to common good, Carter Consulting offers a plethora of services to its clients. The firm aims to improve efficiency of the project implementation by controlling different aspects such as: budgets, personnel management, training, development options, contract compliance and work scope. The team strives to ensure its clients get the best services at lucrative prices points. The global grant services provided by the Consulting firm focus on identifying funding options that suit the needs of the clients or the community involved and proposal/contract development.

Giving Back

Remaining true to the belief of social equity, Nicole and her team also have a Nonprofit Technical Assistance Program. The chief aim of this program is to help community organizations grow. It also provides them with access to more sustainable support services and resources. In this program, Carter Consulting will visit the client’s site and conduct an analysis on their design and implementation strategies covering all aspects including:  Incorporation and Tax-Exemption, Board Development, Funding Sources, Budgeting, Networking, Community Collaborations, Staffing & Volunteers, Capital Campaigns & Fund-Raising, Technology & Social Media, Event Planning, Program Implementation and Rural Access.

The Road So Far

By leveraging her expansive experience and impeccable skillset, Nicole has successfully led the team at Carter Consulting Corp. to serve a diverse national and international clientele. Under her astute leadership, the firm has secured nearly 10 million dollars in state, Local, and Federal funding over the course of the bygone year. Nicole’s hands-on role in establishing 32 grassroots-based organizations is another testament to her dedicated approach to the cause. She has also initiated more than 50 Housing and Economic Development programs, including programs dedicated to education and employment, crisis intervention, job training, counseling, emergency food assistance, recreational, housing and rehab, elderly, healthcare, domestic violence, and family development.

Future Calling

Building a market legacy is not an easy task. To help achieve this, Nicole relentlessly works to cement the position of the brand in the competitive market space. In the coming days, the team at Carter Consulting, Corp. aims at developing more housing units and securing federal and state contracts in administrative services.

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