Phoenix Global: The Super Brand Making Sustainable Business Growth a Reality

Phoenix Global

Becoming a Super Brand requires strong commitment to a certain set of ideals that guide and define the brand’s future course of action. With the umbrella of influence a Super Brand possesses, it is important to have a fruitful message of operation that helps bring about a change in the way business is imagined. Phoenix Global is one such Super Brand that’s working to weave the ideals of sustainability into the fabric of businesses across the world. Phoenix Global is a US-based global boutique consulting and business development firm catering to clients across 6 continents. Phoenix Global has attained a distinctive market position owing to its ability of driving market development and expansion on behalf of its clients. This Super Brand excels at facilitating clients’ projects and accelerating their business ventures while simultaneously keeping the goals of sustainability close to heart.

As a truly global Super Brand, Phoenix Global maintains an operational footprint of working on projects and expediting investments in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The firm works relentlessly to help optimize the business potentials of clients, by creating growth opportunities for them in both the established and emerging markets across the world.

Meeting the Leader

Phoenix Global is led on its path of excellence under the guidance of its ingenious CEO, Larisa Miller. With a Political Science Degree from Rutgers University, New Jersey, and an Organizational Leadership Degree from the prestigious Penn State University, Larisa started her career by working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. While initially, she worked for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Larisa quickly went on to work for the Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Ridge, with a focus on public policy. She then spent several years working as a personal advisor and head of business development at the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with a focus on investment in sustainable development, technology, energy, and agriculture. Larisa also helmed pivotal responsibilities as the head of the Royal Family’s large non-profit foundation, Circle of Hope, which focused on women, youth, literacy, and education. It was through her work with this UAE-based foundation that Larisa got to spend considerable time working with women and children in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa. In February 2020, Larisa was named as the Ambassador of the State of the African Diaspora by Prime Minister Louis-Georges Tin.

As an ambassador, I am committed to be the voice for these unheard and often unseen people who are the backbone of society

– Larisa Miller

Larisa’s contribution to the field of business has been recognized time and again by several sources. She was recently named one of the World’s Top 100 People in Finance by Top 100 Magazine. Last year, Larisa was named as one of the 10 Most Influential Business Leaders of 2020 by Exeleon Magazine. She was also named as one of the 100 Global Women of Excellence by Sovereign Magazine, Top 10 Most Influential Friends of Africa by For Business in Africa Magazine, and the 2020 Personality of the Year by Powerhouse Magazine.

Areas of Proficiency

Phoenix Global offers a plethora of variegated services to deliver excellence to its clients. Some of its areas of expertise include:

  • Cybersecurity & Physical security
  • Transportation & Capital Projects
  • Blockchain
  • Business Development, Management and Leadership Consulting
  • Global Market Development & Expansion

We can only begin to heal our damaged planet if we cease the ‘us against them’ mentality and commit to working together against the problems. Youth will be the ones charged with driving the future, and how successful they are will depend on the skills, tools, resources, and examples that we provide and set for them

– Larisa Miller

Securing a Market Edge

Phoenix Global has secured a unique market niche by offering customized consulting solutions to its clients. By working one-on-one with them, the team at Phoenix Global ensures that their approach remains grounded in the specific needs of the clients. Such an ingenious outlook helps overcome the problems of a traditional ‘cookie cutter approach’ whereby firms may try to force fit a solution irrespective of the specific requirements of the client. Larisa asserts, “I spend a great deal of time crafting unique strategies, business models and, way-forward for our clients to build their growth, resiliency, and profitability while making them leaders in the market space.” This commitment of the brand has helped it secure an unparalleled market niche.

Focus that Defines this Super Brand’s Legacy

Since Super Brands cement their legacies by being embodiments of their values and beliefs, attaining this coveted status is quite a litmus test for most brands. For Phoenix Global, the core value that runs through each of its business endeavors remains sustainability. As a consultancy, the team at Phoenix Global works with governments and companies around the world to synthesize growth strategies that are effective as well as sustainable. While the firm is guided by the objective of helping clients attain a higher level of operational efficiency, they are equally dedicated to chartering routes to this goal that have positive societal and environmental impacts.

GCBL Partnership

Remaining true to its ideals of sustainability, Phoenix Global is a proud partner of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) that is a coalition of C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, investors, governmental, and industry leaders who share in the common vision of promoting a viable business environment to attain sustainable business growth. By promoting UN’s declared Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the GCBL works towards the incorporation of these goals in the blueprint of future business ventures. As the CEO of Phoenix Global, Larisa works relentlessly to ensure that all its business ventures, investments, and projects exemplify this commitment of the Super Brand

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