Audrey Sommerfeld: Building a Healthier World for Everyone

Audrey Sommerfeld Building a Healthier World for Everyone

Audrey Sommerfeld, a fearless innovator is reshaping the future with her dedication to helping people achieve health through innovative ideas. She believes in creating a world where everyone can live their best life by promoting health with the motto “Health, not Hype.”

Audrey Sommerfeld, born in a tiny town in Minnesota, was the first in her family to pursue higher education. She earned two degrees at the University of MN and a graduate degree at Kellogg Graduate School of Business. Audrey began her career at Procter and Gamble and later held roles at Neutrogena, Herbalife, and Johnson & Johnson. She founded Jump To Health™ to address health concerns through diet, aiming to end issues like obesity and diabetes. Her company provides a community for support, meal plans, recipes, and education. The team focuses on offering natural products and resources, using clinically studied nutrients, with a money-back guarantee.

Jump To Health™: ‘Health Not Hype’

Jump To Health™ operates on the principle of “Health Not Hype,” focusing on four pillars: Health, Wealth, Living, and Giving. These pillars prioritize health, offer an affiliate program for sharing products, provide perks for living and saving on travel and fun, and include a “walk to give” program that encourages walking for donations to feed hungry families. The company’s core mission is to help people save money while improving their health, emphasizing a holistic approach.

“The true crescendo of success is not marked by the applause of victories, but by the harmonious laughter and shared joy of a team united in purpose and contentment.” 

– Audrey Sommerfeld

The Jump To Health team, with decades of experience in nutrition, global operations, and education, is dedicated to building a strong, caring company for the future. They focus on providing clear guidance amid nutrition confusion, emphasizing gut health as key to overall health. Audrey values her team and family’s support in realizing her dream of changing the world through nutrition. The company’s products support gut health, which in turn benefits immune health, mood, weight, blood sugar, and overall health. Jump To Health offers blogs on their website and plans to increase education for both customers and non-customers. Audrey conducts Thursday nutrition education training, covering a wide range of health concerns and recommending not just their products but also other supplements and foods that benefit health.

Clients are Inspiration

Audrey Sommerfeld finds inspiration in the testimonials of those who have sought help from her and her team. She has encountered many clients who had almost given up after seeing several nutritionists without results. Audrey noticed that while clients were told what to eat, they were not told why, which is where she steps in. She is committed to providing all the necessary information and education to help people understand what to eat, why, and what steps to take to achieve their health goals.

During stressful times, Audrey suggests not taking things personally and breaking large challenges into smaller, manageable tasks. This approach helps prevent feeling overwhelmed and allows for a focus on what needs to be done next, step by step.

“My inspiration is kindled by the heartfelt stories and testimonials of those who have sought solace and support from me and my dedicated team..”

– Audrey Sommerfeld 

The pandemic was a particularly tough time, both emotionally for customers and operationally for Jump To Health. To navigate these challenges, the company worked closely with suppliers to secure long-term orders, devised new ways to keep the team focused, and created engaging content to keep customers involved and informed

Audrey believes in approaching things differently, focusing on consumer needs, and fulfilling them in a fun and unique way to set a company apart. She emphasizes the importance of appreciating customers so they feel valued, not just as a number. Creating a happy corporate team also contributes to a healthy company culture. Encouraging risk-taking, sharing ideas, and showing respect can foster a winning mindset in the marketplace.

Success and the Team’s Happiness Go Hand in Hand

Audrey’s approach cultivates loyalty and trust, inspiring innovation and better performance. She keeps her team enthusiastic by giving compliments and organizing fun trips, such as ‘Millionaire Mansion’ offsites, where they bond and feel like a family.

Audrey believes there’s no ultimate finish line and aims to grow globally, providing tools and products for people worldwide to live their best lives. She emphasizes investing in education, tools, and technology to simplify nutrition information, empowering individuals to lead their lives on their terms.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Audrey advises continuous learning and perseverance, even through failure. She encourages focusing on the greater benefit of the customer, as this leads to mutual success.

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