Dr. Anushka Patchava: A Dynamic Entrepreneur Pioneering the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Anushka Patchava A Dynamic Entrepreneur Pioneering the Healthcare Industry

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, a digital revolution is underway, reshaping the very essence of patient care and medical practice where entrepreneurs are at the forefront of innovation.

An established healthcare executive with over 12 years of clinical, operational, and product experience, Anushka implements data-driven and technology-enabled initiatives across the pharmaceutical, medical device, and health insurance sectors globally. As a qualified doctor and self-trained data scientist, she is obsessed with leveraging data and analytics to devise population health strategies that deliver positive physical and mental health outcomes. Anushka serves as an expert advisor at the United Nations (CEFACT) and the World Economic Forum. She describes herself as a futurist, always seeking new ways and technologies to drive efficiency in business. This passion led her to pursue an entrepreneurial career path, where she can bring her creative ideas to fruition. Outside of work, Anushka’s interests include Crossfit Powerlifting, Climbing Mountains, and serving as a Charity founder. She is most proud of being able to free squat 3.5 times her bodyweight and deadlift over 4 times her bodyweight.

Raising Capital for Venture

“We raised $2 million for Wellx by pitching to investors globally. The funding helped us grow regionally, innovate technologically, and achieve our goal of creating healthier, happier communities worldwide.” The seed round was led by the Dubai Future District Fund (DFDF) and included investors like DASH Ventures, Annex Investments, Sanabil 500 MENA Seed Accelerator, Plus VC, Aditum Investments, Loyal VC, Plug and Play Ventures, and notable angel investors with experience in digital insurance.

Overcoming Life Setbacks

While discussing setbacks, Anushka shared her experience running the London Marathon at 18. Despite being injured at mile 8 and realizing she couldn’t beat her brother’s time; she finished the race. This experience taught her that life is about competing with yourself, not others, and that true contentment comes from within.

“I chose entrepreneurship to make a bigger impact on communities and drive social change, focus on my passion without guilt, and have flexibility and freedom to manage multiple projects effectively.”

– Dr. Anushka Patchava

She also adds, during a winter sleep out, she was meant to sleep rough on London streets to raise awareness for homelessness. However, being cold, tired, and alone are her worst fears, so she bailed on the task and felt ashamed. she walked home and had a conversation with a homeless person, realizing that anyone could end up homeless. This taught me to embrace discomfort and be brave, as growth comes from challenging situations.

Work Philosophy: ‘productively lazy’

Anushka’s work philosophy is to be “productively lazy”. She focuses on finding the quickest, most effective ways to get things done and automate processes to minimize long-term input. She probably works around 15 hours a day, including reading, thinking, and dreaming about work-related subjects during various activities.

Motivation and Entrepreneurship

While asked for her motivation she opined, “I’m motivated by the belief that every outcome is predetermined, so I focus on choosing what I love, hoping everything else will fall into place. My brother once said, “Remember, the journey is the destination,” which has been my greatest motivation. I’ve stopped grieving the past and reduced future planning, allowing me to live more fully.”

“I believe true entrepreneurship hinges on three traits – authenticity, boldness, and curiosity. Entrepreneurs truly believe in themselves and their business ideas, solving real-world problems practically. They take risks and challenge the status quo, innovating new ways of doing things. Most importantly, they are curious and continuously learning, which is crucial for success in the fast-paced startup world.”

– Dr. Anushka Patchava

“Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to be more human. I can ask for help, support, guidance, and even money, which has led to deeper, more meaningful connections and relationships. It has also made me a better friend, partner, and relative. My schedule is now governed by me, so I am more deliberate about how I spend my time while also being more available. Having the right people around you, who support and believe in your entrepreneurial journey, is crucial for managing its demands and triumphs,” she added.

Anushka handled difficult situations by avoiding confrontations because she lacked self-belief and struggled with managing her emotions. Over the past few years, she has worked on developing better self-awareness and emotional resilience. By separating thoughts from emotions, she can now detach from intense responses to difficult situations and communicate her needs more effectively.

Cultivating Robust Company Culture

Anushka believes in co-designing company culture by listening to all employees’ views. They emphasize the importance of harnessing diversity of thought and experience to create a dynamic environment. She recommends quarterly check-ins to ensure the culture is working and suggests being agile to adapt to changes in the business environment. They also advocate for celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and individual performance to foster innovation.

Thriving Customer base

Anushka believes in never giving up and empathizes with customer needs to design meaningful solutions. She considers customer centricity key to success and tests customer journeys obsessively to ensure quality.

Piece of Advice for Entrepreneurs

According to Anushka, Self-love is important. “I prioritize it by going to the gym twice a day, having walking meetings, and enjoying leisurely lie-ins on weekends. Neglecting these self-care activities can lead to resentment and burnout, which takes longer to recover from than to reach,” expressed Anushka.

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