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Bridging Talent Gaps: AWS Unleashes AI Ready Initiative

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In a groundbreaking study conducted by AWS and Access Partnership, the demand for AI-savvy professionals has reached unprecedented heights. The findings underscore that 73% of employers priorities recruiting AI-skilled talent, yet three out of four face challenges in meeting this demand. Employers anticipate that individuals skilled in AI could command up to a 47% salary increase, emphasizing the lucrative nature of this skill set.

The Vision Behind AI Ready

Recognizing the transformative force of AI in reshaping industries, Swami Siva Subramanian, VP of Data and AI at AWS, emphasizes the imperative to democratize AI education. AWS introduces ‘AI Ready,’ an innovative initiative aimed at levelling the playing field of AI education. Siva Subramanian articulates, “The goal of AI Ready is to make AI education
accessible, supported by the novel initiatives we’re launching today.”

Nurturing Future Talent and Free Training Initiatives

To address the escalating demand for AI skills, AWS commits over $12 million in generative AI scholarships, targeting over 50,000 high school and university students globally. Students fulfilling the eligibility checklist can enroll in the Udacity course, titled “Introducing Generative AI with AWS” for free. This course is designed to provide a valuable introduction to foundational generative AI concepts. Apart from this, eight new complimentary AI and generative AI courses have been unveiled by AWS. These are tailored to in-demand roles, supplementing their existing array of 80+ free and cost-effective AI courses.

Hour of Code Dance Party: AI Edition

In collaboration with Code.org, AWS introduces the “Hour of Code Dance Party: AI Edition.” This immersive program allows students to delve into coding and AI by creating virtual music videos. Participants gain insights into generative AI concepts while coding virtual dancer choreography and employing emojis as AI prompts. In honor of the global ‘Hour of Code’ during Computer Science Education Week, from December 4–10 AWS is set to contribute up to $8 million of AWS Cloud computing credits to Code.org.

AI Ready: A Pledge to Cloud Skills

AWS’s AI Ready commitment is part of a broader initiative. Amazon pledges to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver free cloud computing skills training. This is set to offer these skills to 29 million individuals by 2025. Having already empowered over 21 million individuals, AWS champions an inclusive approach to AI education, ensuring that everyone aspiring to learn can unlock the full potential of AI and contribute to addressing the world’s most complex challenges. The initiative not only addresses the current talent gap but also lays the groundwork for a future workforce well-versed in the intricacies of artificial intelligence.

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