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Paysend’s Strategic Leap: Integrating CalQRisk for Global Risk Management Excellence for Safer Transactions

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In a bold stride toward redefining its approach to enterprise risk management, Paysend, a pioneering force in the FinTech sector, has chosen to implement the cutting-edge CalQRisk solution. This move underscores Paysend’s unwavering commitment to elevating its risk frameworks to a global scale, emphasising efficiency and automation as fundamental pillars of its operational strategy.

CalQRisk: Catalysing Seamless GRC Solutions in FinTech Transformation

At the core of this transformative collaboration is CalQRisk, a specialized provider of comprehensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions. Seamlessly aligning with Paysend’s mission to simplify global transactions, CalQRisk brings a wealth of expertise to streamline risk management processes. This synergy reflects Paysend’s dedication to innovation,
merging seamlessly with CalQRisk’s commitment to simplifying traditionally manual processes, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of risk management within the FinTech landscape.

Tracey Gerno, Chief Risk Officer of Paysend, expressed eagerness about the partnership, stating, “We’re really looking forward to rolling out the CalQRisk solution. We could immediately see the benefits in the solution – it will result in us streamlining our existing approach to risk management and ultimately save us time.”

Eimear Farrell on CalQRisk Collaboration: Empowering FinTech Foresight

Mitigating payment risks in the global landscape is imperative for financial entities like Paysend. It ensures secure, streamlined transactions, safeguards against potential financial losses, and reinforces trust with clients, aligning with Paysend’s commitment to efficiency, innovation, and client satisfaction. Eimear Farrell, Key Account Manager at CalQRisk, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the growing trend of fintech organizations turning to CalQRisk for streamlined processes amidst stringent regulatory obligations. This strategic collaboration positions Paysend at the forefront of risk management innovation, fortifying its mission to simplify and secure global financial transactions for consumers and businesses alike.

As Paysend pioneers advancements in the FinTech space, this partnership signifies more than a technological upgrade; it’s a commitment to revolutionizing risk management. The integration of CalQRisk is poised to reinforce Paysend’s position as a trailblazer in simplifying and securing global financial transactions, aligning perfectly with its ethos of making international payments accessible and efficient.

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