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Unanticipated Album Release Stuns Beyoncé’s Fans During the Super Bowl

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Clueless fans were given a sweet surprise with Beyoncé’s new album release during the Super Bowl which is expected to come out on March 29.

Beyoncé, with her country-inspired look which included a wide-brimmed, white cowboy hat, hinted that something was definitely cooking and her followers were not at all disappointed. This has left everyone eagerly and restlessly waiting for the album’s release and can enjoy streaming “Texas Hold Em” and “16 Carriages” which are the two tracks from the album, on YouTube and Spotify already.

The scheduled Verizon commercial was an attempt to grab attention for her new music which was going to be out soon. Beyoncé had successfully tried several tactics to break the internet. Alongside former “Veep” star Tony Hale who was playing an adviser, she is shown with a lemonade stand and releases a saxophone album named “Let’s Get Saxy” as well as her own version of the movie “Barbie”, called “BarBey” and sets herself off in a rocket to become the first woman in space where on the intercom, she announces, “OK, Bey ready : drop the new music.”

This surprise news came in the form of a grainy video which was posted on her website and Instagram account which displayed a group of men in cowboy hats who were looking at a billboard of Beyoncé with the words, “TEXAS! HOLD ‘EM.” The video ends with Beyoncé previewing a country song about her birthplace, Texas.

At the Super Bowl, Jay-Z and their kids were present to support Beyoncé as the family watched the game together and their kids stepped on the field prior to the kickoff.

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