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James Gunn Raises a Question : Will Boyd Holbrook Portray Harvey Dent in The Batman Part II?

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As people have well liked the movie ‘The Batman’, the sequel of this movie, ‘The Batman – Part II’ is also awaited by the audience and after the success at the box office, the next movie has initiated the making and Robert Pattnson is said to return as the Caped Crusader. This will stay an Elseworlds franchise as Matt Reeves is still in The Batman Universe. The filming of the movie ‘The Batman Part II’ is slated to begin n 2025 as James Gunn is working on the upcoming Superman movie at present. It will not be released before 2026. 

Apparently James Gunn has rejected the speculation that Boyd Holbrook has been casted as Harvey Dent and has clearly called it as a fake speculation. Confirming it on the social media platform X, “James Gunn says the rumour of Boyd Holbrook playing Harvey Dent in Batman part 2 is false”.

Harvey Dent one of the strongest and important characters of Batman who is also Bruce Wayne’s best friend and Gotham’s White Knight. In the earlier adaptations Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart played this character in ‘Batman Forever’ and the ‘The Dark Knight’. The ‘Two Face’ was one of the popular characters of ‘Batman:The Anmated Series’. Harvey Dent is most likely to appear as District Attorney, which is a great opportunity to further probe the corruption of Gotham.

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