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Stay Tuned to Know if Paris Can Purify The Seine For Olympics 

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Paris is determined to clean the Seine River for this year’s 2024 Olympics, although it was not an easy task to begin with. They faced many challenges which made them doubt if they could ever pass the safety inspections. 

Paris has spent around 1.4 billion euros in the last few years dedicated to clean up the project in order to revive the river and make it clean enough for the utilisation for swimming in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

But this huge process was faced by an alarming and shocking update that the latest test samples have shown large amounts of bacteria in the water by the French water charity. 

According to the reports sent by Surfrider Foundation Europe, all but one of the 14 samples taken at the Alexandre III Bridge over six months displayed poor water condition. 

“It is therefore clear that the athletes who will be taking part in the Olympic and Paralympic events planned for the Seine will be swimming in polluted water and taking significant risks to their health,” the report said.

The revelations prompted Tony Estanguet, the President overseeing the Paris 2024 Olympics, to highlight the challenge posed by heightened E.coli levels, marking it as one of the foremost hurdles to overcome prior to the commencement of the games.

Paris has its goals set on reintroducing public swimming in the river by the year 2025, a long-standing prohibition which was set around a century back. If at all they plan on involving intricate adjustments such as the integration of river docks and boats into the system, it is a venture that commands a hefty investment of €12 million. To say more, the endeavor encompasses the ambitious construction of a monumental rainwater overflow tank, aptly named the Austerlitz Basin, symbolizing the city’s dedicated commitment to addressing its environmental challenges in preparation for the Olympic spectacle.

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