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Saudi Arabia Launches KSA Visa Platform to Simplify Pilgrimage and Travel

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In a significant move to enhance the ease of travel, Saudi Arabia has introduced the KSA Visa, a consolidated and comprehensive national visa application platform that integrates more than 30 ministries, authorities, and private-sector entities. This groundbreaking system is designed to streamline visa applications for various travel objectives, including general tourism, Umrah, Hajj, employment, and business visits.

Revolutionising the Visa Application Process

The KSA Visa platform, leveraging cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), marks a pivotal step in simplifying the visa application process. Saudi Arabia aims to facilitate the travel of approximately 20 lakh Indian Hajj pilgrims this year, aligning with the country’s broader vision to attract 150 million annual tourists by 2030. The smart search engine on the platform provides users with comprehensive guidance on visa requirements and application procedures, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Tailored Measures for Indian Pilgrims

Saudi Arabia is also developing specific measures to enhance flexibility for Indian pilgrims, particularly women embarking on solo Umrah trips. Extending the Umrah visa duration to ninety days and a 4-day transit visa are some of the included measures. This was primarily done to accommodate the growing number of Indian pilgrims. This focus on gender equality aligns with Minister Al-Rabiah’s vision to create a safer and more inclusive environment, ultimately enriching the overall pilgrimage experience for all travellers.

Anticipating Growth and Setting Quotas

With an eye on the future, Saudi Arabia is gearing up for the Hajj season in 2024 by setting an estimated quota of 175,025 slots for Indian pilgrims. This commitment underscores the country’s dedication to facilitating and enhancing the pilgrimage experience for individuals from diverse backgrounds. Minister Al-Rabiah expects a surge in the number of Indian Umrah pilgrims, contributing to the success of initiatives designed to enrich the overall pilgrimage experience.

In 2023 alone, Saudi Arabia issued over 18.6 million visas, with the processing time for digital visas reduced to an impressive 60 seconds. These advancements signify Saudi Arabia’s commitment to embracing technology to create a more accessible and efficient visa application process, ultimately fostering growth in tourism and pilgrimage.

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