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Dubai Secures Top Spot as Most Sought-After International Destination for Indian travellers in 2023

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As we march into 2024, it’s time to take a look at the top travel destinations for Indians. Dubai has clinched the prestigious title of being the most sought-after international destination for Indian travellers in 2023, as per insights provided by Skyscanner, a leading global travel marketplace renowned for its comprehensive analysis of travel trends. The data reveals a noteworthy shift in the preferences of Indian travellers, with an increasing inclination towards lesser-known yet budget-friendly cities within the country that promise rich cultural experiences and diverse culinary delights.

The Emergence of Budget-Friendly Domestic Gems

Breaking away from conventional travel choices, a growing number of Indian tourists are opting for domestic destinations that seamlessly combine affordability with cultural richness. Jagdalpur has particularly stood out as the most economical flight destination, boasting an average round-trip cost of a mere Rs 3,035 in 2023. This burgeoning trend underscores the desire among Indian travellers to explore hidden gems within the country while still adhering to budget constraints.

Affordability Extending Beyond Borders

Skyscanner’s insights go beyond domestic preferences, shedding light on economical options for international stays and car rentals for Indian globetrotters. Nha Trang in Vietnam emerges as the most affordable city for a three-star hotel stay, presenting budget-conscious travellers with a pocket-friendly accommodation choice. Furthermore, Doha, Qatar, emerges as the favoured choice for the most economical car rentals, where Indian travellers, on average, spend only Rs 2,198 per day.

According to Mohit Joshi, Skyscanner’s Travel Trends and Destination Expert, this evolving traveller behaviour aligns seamlessly with the trends outlined in the recent Travel Trends 2024 report. He underscores that the value of experiences and cultural exploration is gaining prominence among Indian travellers, with price no longer serving as the sole determinant in decision-making processes. Looking forward to 2024, Joshi predicts Nice in France to be a great-value destination, citing a significant drop in airfares over the past 12 months. This forecast indicates that Indian travellers are likely to persist in seeking destinations that offer not only affordability but also enriching experiences in the unfolding year.

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