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Saudi Arabia and Oman Foster Joint Tourism Initiatives

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In a significant stride toward regional tourism development, Saudi Arabia and Oman have embarked on discussions to enhance joint tourism programs. This collaborative effort, highlighted in a virtual committee meeting, signifies a robust commitment from both nations to fortify their partnership in the tourism sector.

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism and Increased Connectivity

In the virtual committee session led by Sultan Al-Musallam, the Saudi Deputy Minister of Tourism for International Affairs, representatives from both nations articulated their strong commitment to fostering sustainable tourism development. The initiative aims not only to attract international tourists but also to position the Gulf region as a prominent tourist destination. The commitment was underscored by discussions on augmenting seasonal flights between the two countries, aligning with the Gulf Tourism Strategy to enhance connectivity and accessibility.

Strategic Partnership for Tourism Growth

The meeting, attended by Omani undersecretary of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, Azzan Al-Busaidi, and other senior officials, emphasised the strategic partnership’s importance in attracting international visitors. The collaborative efforts seek to leverage joint tourism programs to create a compelling appeal for tourists to explore the rich cultural and natural offerings of the Gulf region.

This isn’t the first instance of collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Oman in the realm of tourism. In October, discussions extended to enhancing cooperation in free zones and economic cities, with a focus on bolstering trade. A comprehensive plan for the integrated economic zone project in Dhahirah was reviewed, showcasing the multifaceted approach both nations are taking toward fostering economic cooperation.

In June, Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khateeb and Salim Al-Mahrouqi, his Omani counterpart, set the stage for more extensive collaboration. The agreement to introduce a unified tourist visa, creation of a joint tourism calendar, and facilities that will foster seasonal trips between them were significant outcomes. Additionally, the ministers explored avenues to boost trade and investment in tourism-related projects, supporting entrepreneurs in the industry. Their joint commitment extended to the implementation of programs focusing on camping and adventure tourism.

As Saudi Arabia and Oman actively pursue these joint initiatives, the Gulf region is poised to witness a surge in international travel, transforming the area into a more attractive and accessible destination for tourists worldwide.

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