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Keeta Launched As A Pocket-Friendly Cross-Border Payments Solution

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The groundbreaking global payments platform, Keeta, was officially launched today. As a revolutionary payment gateway, the platform is backed by an impressive seventeen million Dollar in funding from renowned investors, like Eric Schmidt. Keeta, as a global payments platform, provides swift and secure monetary transactions across borders. Leveraging its unique ledger technology and a vast network of global partners, Keeta enhances the efficiency and interoperability of existing systems, enabling international transactions to be executed safely, within seconds, and at a fraction of the cost.

Cost-Saving Solution

Cross-border payments via traditional routes can cost payees up to 5% of the amount being transferred, while taking nearly 7 days to process. In stark contrast, with Keeta, customers can make instant payments, slashing costs to a mere fraction of the industry’s standard rates. With its cutting-edge proprietary ledger technology, capable of processing an astounding fifty million transactions/second, Keeta revolutionises cross-border monetary transactions, eliminating the typical time delays and exorbitant fees that accompany global fund transfers.

Ty Schenk, CEO and Founder of Keeta, expressed his vision, saying, “We are very proud of the tech we’ve built and want to make international payments as easy as Venmo.” With latest tech integrations, Keeta is poised to deliver convenient, and secure payment options while adhering to the set regulatory standards.

Renowned investor Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, is equally impressed with Keeta’s technology, stating, “its technology makes transfers much more efficient than existing solutions.” Schmidt is thrilled to support Ty and his team in their goals of modernising global payments.

Understanding Its Operations

By accessing the Keeta Platform through user-friendly APIs or customised integrations, Fintech companies and institutions can boost customer experiences. Fintech platforms can leverage the Keeta platform through user-friendly APIs or customised integrations to help reduce costs and delays related to payment facilitation and customer account funding. Alongside its business tools, Keeta is launching a consumer-facing mobile app, enabling instant transfers between friends and family worldwide.

In an era where speed, security, and affordability are paramount, Keeta emerges as a game-changer, reshaping the landscape of global payments and bringing us closer to a future where cross-border transactions are as seamless as possible. While initially, Keeta will be available by invitation in key regions, including the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, the UK and the EU, plans for expansion also remain on the horizon. 

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