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Civilians Travelling to Space with Private Operators: Tickets Cost $50 Million

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Today’s technological advances has made it possible for space trips. Since the commissioning of the ISS at the turn of the millennium, humans have maintained a continuous presence in space.

While government-backed space programmer have progressed at a brisk pace, the entry of private operators into the business of taking people either astronauts and scientists for a government research programmer or self-funded individuals for a pleasure trip to space has dramatically opened up the space, as reported.

Private operators such as those from billionaires Elon Musk (SpaceX), Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic), and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) offer a range of space-related services from satellite launches and cargo delivery to ferrying crew members to the ISS.

The progress measured by provate operators has allowed wealthy people to book a seat on a spaceship or to book a whole spaceship and build an itinerary as per their choice, like with Maezawa and the dearMoon mission.

The cost for a ticket is $50 million and these firms are taking civilians who can afford the ticket, many such civilians have utilized this opportunity in these past few years. And more are in the pipeline with far more ambitious plans. or instance, SpaceX’s Founder and CEO Elon Musk has talked about his company’s plans to land people not just on the moon but also on Mars by 2026.

So, what is fuelling this new space race to the moon, Mars, and beyond? Industry operators say it is the irresistible thrill of doing something out of the ordinary like leaving the surface of the flying ball of rock we call home and watching it spin from a vantage point only available to a select few that is spurring demand.

The experience offers 10-12 minutes of space exploration, featuring weightlessness, the sensation of being an astronaut, and an awe-inspiring view of our planet from a vantage point reaching approximately 360,000 feet (110 km) above the Earth’s surface.

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