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Cemex and Synhelion Join Hands for the First Solar-Powered Cement Plant

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Cemex, a global construction materials company, and Synhelion, a leader in carbon-neutral solar fuels, have announced a groundbreaking advancement in their collaborative pursuit of solar-powered cement production. The two companies have successfully scaled their technology to industrially-viable levels, marking a significant step towards sustainable cement manufacturing.

Why is this Collab Important?

The key achievement of this collaboration is the continuous production of clinker, a highly energy-intensive component of cement production, using solely solar heat. The breakthrough builds upon the initial success announced in early 2022, where a small-scale batch process pilot made the production of solar clinker possible. Now, having successfully demonstrated the viability of the technology under continuous and plant-like conditions, Cemex and Synhelion are poised to move forward with the development of a solar-driven industrial-scale pilot cement plant.

Clinker production typically requires temperatures nearing 1,500°C and is a major contributor to direct CO2 emissions, with fossil fuels accounting for around 40% of emissions. Synhelion’s revolutionary technology eliminates the need for fossil fuels by providing the necessary heat for clinker production through solar energy. This advancement aligns with Cemex’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and offers the potential to capture remaining CO2 emissions from calcination in concentrated form.

Fernando A. González, CEO of Cemex, expressed confidence in the viability of solar cement, emphasizing that this achievement is grounded in rigorous research, testing, and collaboration. Gianluca Ambrosetti, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Synhelion, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the pivotal role of teamwork in this milestone.

Building a Sustainable Future

This partnership has garnered recognition, including a $3.2 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy for the Solar MEAD project, which aims to maximize heat transfer in cement production. This collaborative effort also received an honorable mention in the Eco-Innovator category of the Corporate Citizenship Innovation Awards.

This advancement is part of Cemex’s Future in Action program. It focuses on attaining sustainable excellence with climate action and circularity. With initiatives like Cemex Ventures and its R&D Center in Switzerland, the company is actively investing in technologies that will contribute to carbon neutrality. As Cemex and Synhelion continue to push the boundaries of sustainable cement production, the world watches as this innovative partnership transforms an industry notorious for its environmental impact. This milestone reaffirms the potential of collaboration and innovation in driving substantial change towards a more sustainable future.

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