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To Revolutionize the Global Money Movement Paysend and Visa Join Hands in Strategic Collaboration

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UK Fin-Tech innovator, Paysend, plans to transform international money transfers with the strategic collaboration with Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments. This collaboration enables Paysend’s customers to globally send money in real-time and to use Visa cards across 170 countries and territories. 

Paysend aims to bridge the gap for countries underserved by legacy banking infrastructures by leveraging the power of card networks instead of traditional money transfer channels, creating remarkable advantages in terms of cost and service speed.

“At Visa, we understand the importance of building an efficient and secure money movement network to support our partners,” said Ruben Salazar, Global Head of Visa Direct. “Through our expanded collaboration with Paysend, together we’re enhancing domestic and cross-border money movement with the innovative payment capabilities and value-added services offered through Visa Direct.”

Chairman and Co-Founder of Paysend, Abdul Abdulkerimov, expressed his excitement about this game-changing partnership, saying, “Our mission at Paysend is simple — to deliver the world’s simplest money transfer service. By teaming up with Visa, we are well positioned to provide a safe, economical, and hassle-free money transfer experience for millions of individuals currently facing challenges in accessing traditional banking services.”

The partnership of Paysend with Visa is positioned to facilitate seamless and cost-effective card-to-card transfers. 

The partnership with Visa heralds a new era for international money transfers, driven by innovation, simplicity, and accessibility as it unlocks new payment corridors, enabling payments to eligible Visa cards around the world through the Paysend App.

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