Home Science and technology Shocking Discoveries : Experts Say Tiny Fish Produce Louder Noises Than Elephants

Shocking Discoveries : Experts Say Tiny Fish Produce Louder Noises Than Elephants

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According to the experts, a small species of fish that is as tiny as half an inch, is found to be capable of outperforming elephants in producing loud noises. 

Study shows that the male Danionella cerebrum can produce up to 140 decibels of noise which is in the same range of noises produced by a firecracker or even a jet engine which is taking off from around 330 feet away. This kind of fish species was found in Myanmar which was swimming through the Bago Yoma mountain range.

This was an unusual discovery as the neuroscientists were interested in D. Cerebrum as they were known to be the beings with the smallest brain as compared to any vertebrate anywhere in this world. As these fishes do not have a skull, the researchers were able to study and research about them easily by accessing the brain tissue. 

While they studied this unusual creature, some researchers in Germany had planned to investigate the cacophony coming from these fishes’ tanks. 

“People were just walking past the fish tanks, and they could hear these sounds and were wondering where they were coming from,” claimed the study co-author Verity Cook who is a neuroscientist at Charité University in Germany.

The scientists discovered that they were making these noises through their swim bladders where a special muscle pulls one of the fish’s ribs against a piece of cartilage with an indentation. As the fish releases the rib, it collides with the swim bladder which makes a loud drumming noise.

“We know that when you have maybe like eight males together in a large tank, then three of them will dominate the sound production and the other ones will be quiet,” says Cook. “So, we think there is some sort of hierarchy.”

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