Luxe Digital Now: The Disruptive Pioneer Reshaping Digital Marketing Technologies

Luxe Digital Now: The Disruptive Pioneer Reshaping Digital Marketing Technologies

The world of digital marketing has been subjected to an augmented pace of development in recent years. This pace has been further enhanced with the onset of the pandemic and the imminent need to embrace large-scale digital transformations. The most succinct of these arenas has been the domain of digital marketing technologies and their evolution in contemporary times. Intuitive tools like AI have already reconfigured the established market standards. According to studies, these digital tech tools are poised to further diversify in the upcoming days and the market for such tools will also experience sustained growth.

To remain abreast with the changing times, embracing the boons of such digital marketing tech tools becomes indispensable for firms. Embracing new digital media portals and tech trends is the inevitable life raft for firms trying to navigate the turbulent waters of the market. Simultaneously, the growth of the global village has also unveiled several new exciting possibilities for firms. They can now leverage the expertise and brilliance of digital marketing companies located in different parts of the world to improve their own market standing. One such ingenious firm that is catering to an expansive global clientele, helping them ideate creative digital marketing solutions is Luxe Digital Now Corporation. Founded in 2018, this renowned brand has crafted an unparalleled legacy for itself within a short span of time by providing efficient, customized, and scalable digital marketing solutions to clients. Luxe Digital Now is a leading digital marketing and technology software solutions company that specializes in the beauty, luxury, fashion, and technology industries.

The Gregarious Sculptor

Luxe Digital Now was founded as a uniquely crafted brand under the brilliant guidance of Jacqueline Hudson, CEO and Founder of the company. As an award-winning digital marketer, Jacqueline has been a major influencer on the digital landscape for over a decade. Jacqueline earned her PgD from the Digital Marketing Institute, in Dublin Ireland. She specializes in strategic planning and management, project leadership and design, data analytical designs, and architecture, technology development, and all other digital marketing principles. Jacqueline’s expertise also extends to the field of designing and implementing communication campaigns using channel success metrics. Moreover, she has also been an achieved communications executive (in-house) and a consultant across multiple industry sectors including Fortune 500, technology, beauty, cosmetics, fashion, luxury, and real estate.

Jacqueline’s skillset is truly variegated and extensive. Apart from experience in the domains of editorials, senior writing, copywriting, brand marketing, project management, and creative content management on all digital platforms, she also has an in-depth knowledge base in web-based content management systems including data analytical systems, ComScore, Google Analytics, Quantcast, SEO, SEM, and social media developments. Besides her love for digital marketing, Jacqueline is also passionate about travelling, yoga, fencing, and academics.

Jacqueline was also a global speaker at the BCMA (Brand Content Marketing Association) and has delivered lectures to 14 nations on the global platform. Her decisive role in reshaping the digital landscape was recognized when she was named Top 40 under 40 in the Top 100 Magazine within the U.S. Recently, Jacqueline added few more feathers to her cap when she was awarded the prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for 2020 as well as the Top 50 Tech Leaders Award 2020. She was also recognized by Forbes Magazine and is an AMA award nominee.

Crafting a Legacy

Oregon-based Luxe Digital Now was founded with the avowed goal of becoming one of the global leaders in the digital marketing industry. The core aim of the firm-ever since its inception-has been to achieve a robust and streamlined business model, which not only excels in providing unique and unrivalled services but also carves its name as a global leader in the industry. Luxe Digital Now has brought its vision of becoming the purveyor in digital marketing technologies and AI technologies for the industry to successful fruition. Currently, the brand is redefining the digital marketing landscape with its revolutionary and ingenious solutions. As a market disruptor, the brand has embodied the technological boons of the modern age, especially ground-breaking tech tools like AI, to provide unrivaled digital solutions. Luxe Digital Now has emerged as a one-stop-shop for clients on the quest for comprehensive AI-driven digital marketing solutions. 

Luxe Digital Now has earned the distinction of becoming a renowned brand in the arena of digital marketing by virtue of its quality services and impeccable customer-centric framework. The firm has established a loyal and expanding clientele in the course of its budding years by leveraging astute AI-enabled tools that make it a force to be reckoned with in the competitive market segment.

The Luxe Digital team is dedicated to the ideal of providing the best-in-class experience to all its customers. The team of highly-trained and ingenious experts works relentlessly to achieve the pinnacle of customer satisfaction. Luxe Digital Now aims to be a catalyst in the growth trajectory of their clients.

Securing an Edge in the Market

The services provided by Luxe Digital Now are carefully ideated and curated to satiate the specific needs of their clients. In the customer-centric approach embodied by the brand, the individual requirements of clients trump any and all considerations. This renowned brand has earned market-wide recognition for its plethora of variegated services including ideation of strategies for social media campaigns, e-commerce, as well as content management platforms that strengthen businesses. Luxe Digital has successfully secured a niche in the market by virtue of its unique outlook to service provision. The motivation to outperform itself is derived from its meteoritic rise to success. The brand creates campaigns and content that move people, develops strategies and experiences that elevate the client’s brand and engage consumers, and develops branding that exudes the best, and creates technologies that execute data and elevates mobile apps. 

Overcoming Roadblocks

Challenges and obstacles are part of one’s journey to success. Luxe Digital Now’s origin story is no different. The company faced a few roadblocks in terms of curating a brand presence and clientele building. However, much like most leading brands in the market, Luxe Digital Now was able to quickly overcome these roadblocks to pave its way forward. Today, the brand is one of the most revered ones in the global market, respected by both clients and competitors alike. The brand now has offices functioning globally- a core emblem of the value of its quality services. In contemporary times, Luxe Digital Now has successfully transformed from a boutique digital marketing agency into a global technology solutions provider that is re-sculpting the future of digital marketing.

A Novel Approach

LUXE Digital Now’s approach is invariably different from other brands in the market. This renowned company strives to provide its clients with a comprehensive consult to help them identify gaps and opportunities while simultaneously generating an inclusive report that includes a project plan with timelines and cost analysis. Their digital marketing technologies are designed to immediately enhance and augment the client’s ROI. 

Pillars of Service Provision

  1. SEO Management: The firm’s core competencies are digital communications, digital marketing, and content management consulting.
  2. Digital Solutions: Luxe Digital Now implements the best of digital communications and remote consulting devices to provide the most innovative digital solutions to clients. 
  3. Strong ROI: The firm’s core competencies are technology solutions, artificial intelligence, and software development that guarantee strong ROI for its diversified clientele.
  4. Consulting: Luxe Digital Now masters the art of perceptive consulting by ideating services and solutions that can be seamlessly implemented by clients around the globe. 

Distinctive Digital Marketing Tech Offerings

  1. AiDAS: AiDAS is the novel and premier software technology designed by the team of brilliant thinkers and innovators at Luxe Digital Now. AiDAS is an artificial intelligence cloud program, designed exclusively for global corporations to gain complete autonomy of all their digital marketing, ecommerce, and digital technologies data. Apart from AiDAS, Luxe Digital Now has also pioneered similar tools of ingenuity for specific industrial segments.
  2. Premier Jet App: This app is also a well-known invention of the renowned brand. It is the world’s first and leading private jet charter app. The application can be downloaded on either iOS or Android phones to search for luxury brands with the exclusive, in-built global mapping system of the app.  
  3. Liquid Beauty AI: This tool exemplifies another leading specialty of the brand – a specially designed AR/AI system for retailers in the beauty sector. With the new 3D augmented reality mirror that simulates cosmetics on a user’s face photo-realistically in real-time, the cosmetic shopping experience is set to be transformed.

The Secret to Success

Jacqueline correctly emphasizes the processual nature of progress. According to her, Luxe Digital Now was successful in attaining the ace market position due to a decade’s worth of research, hard work, team development, and education. Without these variables, Luxe Digital Now could never have crafted a renowned and revered market presence. Building stable and harmonious relationships with corporate luxury clients is not an easy feat. However, it is this very ability of the brand and its team that sets it apart from the surging marketing competition.

Future Calling

Jacqueline’s avowed goal now is to see Luxe Digital Now evolve into a unicorn company by innovating digital marketing and data technologies around the world. The brand aims to further evolve into the purveyor and successor of innovative digital marketing tech tools that reorient the market landscape forever. Luxe Digital Now may also soon delve into holographic AI technologies to further this tech revolution.

Company name: Luxe Digital Corporation

Key person: Jacqueline Hudson, CEO & Founder, Luxe Digital Corporation

2 Quotes by the person:

1. “We enable businesses to amplify visibility across the digital space through our software platforms and services”

 – Jacqueline Hudson

2. “As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the landscape of the ever-changing business world. Take every tactical advantage you can, build successful teams, believe in the power of education in your field. And most of all carry the torch of ambition – it will take you places you never dreamed possible as success is there for the taking – believe in it, and take it, because it’s yours” – Jacqueline Hudson

 Jacqueline Hudson

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