LIME Painting: A Franchising Legend

LIME Painting: A Franchising Legend

The past decade has witnessed a revolutionary rise in the various franchises across the world. The franchise industry has fanned out its wings to cover all corners of the globe. The untainted growth of this industry has been accorded to the minimized risks involved in initiating a franchise operation. As a tried and tested product or service is less likely to fail, entrepreneurs feel more secure when investing in such ventures. Moreover, the technical training that is promised by the parent firm when joining a franchise. One gets to learn and perfect an already tried and tested methodology of operation.

The connections and links that are forged by the parent firm help others in the franchise to master the art of sales and marketing like never before. Additionally, the holistic support provided by the franchiser to the franchisee is unmatched. All these factors have contributed to the meteoric rise of franchises around the world in various industrial contexts. The arena of painting has not remained immune from such developments.

The beauty of an edifice is defined not solely by its whimsical structure or frame. The true aura of a structure is revealed by the beauty of its hues. Paints play an important role in maintaining as well as augmenting the aesthetic value of any edifice, whether it is a home or an office space. LIME Painting is one such franchise firm that handles everything from a standard repainting job to a brand new painting venture.

LIME Painting is an unrivaled residential and commercial painting company that specializes in the best products and services offered by the industry to ensure brilliantly engineered, custom results and lasting impressions. With LIME Painting, you will fall in love with your property once again. Some of the most ingenious and brilliant craftsmen are part of the LIME team. The combined efforts of the trusted advisors and such experts help LIME deliver upon its promise of excellence.

The Franchise Builder

LIME is a custom coatings and contracting service provider based in Colorado. LIME Painting has flourished into the first and only national high-end painting company under the guidance of Nick Lopez. As the CFE and Founder of LIME, Nick leverages his astute knowledge in the field of marketing to propel the franchise to novel feats of success. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Sales from the Michigan State University, Nick has worked diligently over the by-gone years to curate an illustrious career.

Nick founded his first painting LLC at the age of 19, whereby he engaged in painting homes all summer to pay for his tuition, books, and the overall cost of living. It was during this phase in his life that Nick developed a true passion for the craft and began to gravitate towards it. It was at this juncture that he realized his dream of creating a painting company in the industry that disrupted the established status quo in the market. After completing his graduation, he and his would-be wife moved back to Colorado and Nick laid the foundation for LIME Painting.

Nick has successfully dispensed multiple roles in the industry. He has helmed the position of the President at the LIME Light Outreach Inc. He has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors at both the Better Business Bureau as well as the Colorado Uplift. Today, Nick leads a successful LIME franchise line that is making a difference with its excellent and quality services around the country.

A Holistic Approach to Franchising

Nick enjoys the outdoors of Colorado. He often takes a break from work by going fishing or hiking in the Rocky Mountains. As a home and work-oriented individual, whenever Nick is not spending quality time with his family, he is investing valuable time franchising and helping other markets across the country deliver best-in-class services to their clients.

The Underlying Meaning of the Venture

The name of the company itself spells out the avowed canons of the venture. ‘L’ stands for love. LIME is based on the foundational belief of valuing people. As a people’s business, LIME makes building and nurturing lasting relationships a top priority. ‘I’ stands for integrity. LIME believes in upholding the need to make a difference in the world. It shoulders the moral responsibility of leaving an indelibly positive mark on the community. ‘M’ is representative of the relentless mission of the firm. LIME’s role within the community extends beyond business. LIME subscribes to BAM (Business as Mission). The firm embodies the role of serving its employees, customers, and the community. And lastly, LIME imbibes and executes the ideal of delivering excellence as a professional service provider. The standard for customer service is customer excellence for LIME.

Canonical Virtues of the Franchise

The LIME franchise has been built around the virtues of love, integrity, mission, and excellence. The brand endeavors to deliver upon its promise of brilliance. As a modern franchise brand, LIME has mastered the art of leveraging novel technical knowledge to deliver best-in-class services to its clients. With several talented and experienced in-house carpenters, masons, gutter specialists, and drywall installers, LIME has curated a niche space for itself in the competitive marketplace. LIMEprovides both expert advice on what products should be used based on the scope of work, as well as talented craftsmen to successfully finish the project.

The personnel working at the venture, the industry-leading customer service, quality controls, an emphasis on talented and well-trained craftsmen, and high performance-oriented products make the LIME Painting business model one of the best in the market. Over the years, LIME has grown to become of the most renowned and trusted luxury painting companies. The myriad customer testimonials are proof of the excellent services offered by the franchise.

Distinctive Services Offered

LIME offers a plethora of services to its diversified clientele. Apart from the services listed below, LIME also provides a host of other offerings including masonry, carpeting, drywall, gutter replacement, and many more.

Painting:Bid adieu to all your painting woes with LIME. The residential services offered by LIME include both interior and exterior painting. By emphasizing on a meticulous prepping process, the team at LIME ensures that your home retains its beauty over a long period of time.

Stucco/Dryvit Specialist: From the initial period of installationto the rest of its life, there are varying levels of maintenance and restoration required in the upkeep of stucco, EIF’s, and Dryvit stucco substrates. From new construction, to repaints and restoration needs, LIME provides industry-leading stucco services for these substrates.

Doorway Magicians:Doorways are entrances into the heart and home of an individual. The doorway design you choose says a lot about the ambience of your home. LIME specializes in custom applications for entry doors. Whether your door is fiberglass or natural wood, LIME helps transform it from a weathered and worn state, to nearly a flawless and beautiful one.

Kitchen Cabinets:Creating picturesque kitchen layouts is no longer an untenable dream. With LIME, it is more than just plausible. LIME has the expertise to strip painted cabinets and apply stain, or can paint your stained cabinets in a variety of different finishes, such as glazed, distressed or faux textures. The team at LIMEinstrumentalized their pragmatic expertise to help the client achieve a modern design without exceeding expenses.

Epoxy Coating: LIME is always an advocate of the highest performing products and that rule of thumb holds true with epoxy application. LIME specializes in epoxy coatings and is exceptionally talented at transforming a garage floor.This is primarily why LIME highly recommends the ArmorSeal 100 HS Epoxy coating system. The application is best in class for performance and is aesthetically very pleasing. 

1. I love what I do because LIME provides jobs for the families who are a part of the LIME team. We deliver a quality service in an industry that doesn’t always fit that type, and that is important to me 

– Nick Lopez

The Commercial Painting Genie

The team at LIME Painting is acquainted with the multi-tiered challenges of commercial painting ventures. LIME ensures that the client’s project runs smoothly so that the business can operate as usual while they strive to transform the space. The experts at LIME have ideated a process that strikes the perfect balance between quality, time, and cost. By mobilizing highly skilled, uniformed teams, LIME is able to meet the client’s turnaround time in a quality-controlled environment. 

An EPA Lead-Certified Franchise

Lead-based paints can be serious injurious to the health of individuals. As a EPA Lead-Certified brand for the safe handling, removal and disposal of the toxic chemical, LIME offers its customers the added assurance of creating a safe and toxin-free home. LIME also helps customers test for lead in their home and office paints and ensures astute guidance and assistance in the event of a positive test result by highlighting the steps needed to minimize exposure.

A Social Message

LIME is a franchise brand with a social enterprise in LIME Light Outreach, Inc. that gives franchisees a platform to give back to their local community’s youth through LIME Light’s Four Pillars of Knowledge: Faith, Family, Patriotism, and Prosperity. As an organization wanting to do more than just provide a service for profits, LIME Painting, LLC extended its core values for L.I.M.E. (Love, Integrity, Mission, Excellence) beyond just a concept and put these values into action by incorporating LIME Light Outreach, Inc. LIME Light Outreach, Inc. was founded with the goal of empowering local youth with the four pillars of knowledge.

Making Franchising Easy

LIME Painting makes embracing the franchise model of business as smooth as ever. Collaborating with the parent company is as easy as filling in a form on its website with all the required details. The unmatched growth of LIME Painting has attracted a large number of franchisees from all over the country who are making their dreams of business ownership a reality.

Company name: LIME Painting

Key person: Nick Lopez, Founder, LIME Painting

2 Quotes by the person:

2. Our company is a unique solution to that need and a lot of the time clients are thoroughly surprised at what we can do. That obligation to our clients excites me and encourages me to work that much harder! 

– Nick Lopez
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